Saturday, July 20, 2019

Top Three Places for Balloon in Myanmar

Visitors go to Myanmar have the same desire: watch the ancient relics. If go with a local guider by horse cart, visitors will have a clear schedule to travel marked places. But if choose air balloon, they will have a total different way to enjoy the landscape of the region. Each place in Bagan has their own noticeable appearances, so it would be unfair to say where the most famous place is. The best way is spending 2-3 days to discover the region. But if you have a short bespoke Myanmar holiday, a trip by air balloon around the following places is highly recommended for time saving

Sulamani Guphaya Temple

In Myanmar, the name of the temple means “beautiful treasure.” Was built since 12th century, the temple stores on its walls many images, which were painted with ancient style. From time to time, the temple was serious damaged and after many time being recovered, it doesn’t keep the original architecture. However, it is still the most interesting place to be looked from the air balloon.

Ananda Phaya Temple

Being conserved carefully among many relics in Bagan, the temple still keeps its original design. Therefore, Ananda Phaya Temple catches the eyes of visitors from very first sight by its magnificent appearance. The temple has 4 gates that open to 4 directions. From the air balloon, visitors can notice its roof with epenthetic form, which symbolizes wisdom of the Buddha.

Visitors can buy very thin slices of gold to stick on the four Buddha statues in the temple. The statues have different forms and styles that are affected by Indian and Chinese Buddhism architectures.

Shwegu Gyi Temple

Was built in 12th century under the rule of King Alaung Shikhara, Shwegu Gyi Temple has another name: Nyaung – U Phaya. The temple is an attracting destination to bespoke Myanmar tours thanks to the sophisticated statues and carved images. It locates on a high platform made of brick so visitors can easily enjoy its beauty from the air balloon.

Shwesandaw temple

It is the best place in Bagan to watching sunrise and sunset. Having 5 floors, 4 opening sides with steps in each side, Shwesandaw is suggested by bespoken Myanmar holidays to be the place to watch the whole view of Bagan. Because the steps are sloped and high, the managers of the temples decided to construct a large steel tube as a corridor for visitor climbing.

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