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Top 7 SeaFood in Co To that you should try once

When traveling to Co To, you will be very familiar with the atmosphere of the market exchange of seafood. It is very bustling in the morning. The sellers and buyers are busy on the way to the port with a variety of delicious fresh seafood such as shrimp, fish, squid, crabs, sentinel crab and so on. Co To island is not only the pristine and beautiful island but also the habitat of many marine species. Particularly, those marine species has a large of quantities. They are processed into much attractive fresh foods that many people choose to travel Co To during the summer holiday. 

1, Finger-Nail Snail

Finger-Nail Snail
Co To is home to many species of sea snails such as finger-nail snails, fat snails, thorny snails, etc. In that case, the finger-nail snail is a mollusk having two shells and commonly referred to as Ma Dao snail. This is a nutritious and cool food used for curing many diseases. Besides, its taste is sweet, crispy and contains many minerals such as iron, calcium. The finger-nail snail is made into many delicious dishes such as boiled, steamed and dipped with chili sauce, served with herbs, stir-fried with vegetables, pineapple, salad, etc. 

2, Co To Sea Cucumber

Co To Sea Cucumber
Co To has a large fishing ground, so the cultivation of sea cucumbers is very convenient. It provided a great amount of sea cucumber for Co To cuisine. Sea Cucumber not only tastes delicious but also has a great nutrition value. People often catch sea cucumber, then soaks Kali alum and cut into small pieces. Especially, this seafood can be processed into a variety of dishes such as fried with celery, fried with mushrooms, fried with cabbage or the soup, stew, etc. Sea Cucumber is very useful for health because of the prevention of kidney stones and debilitating body.

3, Co To Stomatopoda

Co To Stomatopoda
Stomatopoda has other names like mantis shrimp, sea mantis, shrimp boat, or shrimp hammer. This is the seafood you should not miss when visiting Co To. Stomatopoda has not only delicious meat but also provides very good nutrition. Stomatopoda's meat is rich in nutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Iron, Omega 3 and Omega 6, which are good for the immune system. Besides, Stomatopoda can be processed many different dishes such as grilled, steamed, roasted salt, roasted tamarind. All of them are very attractive so do not hesitate to try once. 

4, Sa Sung

Sa Sung
Sa Sung looks a bit like earthworms and is often dried up and made with alcohol. In addition, this seafood can be used to make the soup that will be very sweet and aroma. 
Sa Sung is one of the rare seafood that is extremely delicious and nutritious. Sa Sung fried with fresh garlic is a folk food but no less characteristic of the Co To because of its soft, fragrant and sweet. Besides, there are dried Sa Sung is stir-fried until it has a yellow color. The residents say that it is a strong smell of the sea. 

5, Sea Urchin

Sea Urchin 

Sea Urchin is a kind of seafood that is extremely attractive. Not only that, this seafood is called Ginseng of the sea because they have very high nutritional value and bring more health benefits. The processing of Sea Urchin is also very rich. Especially, it can be eaten raw for a little mustard and soy sauce. Sea Urchin really has no fishy but it has the fat taste of its eggs and the pungent taste of mustard that will be extremely unforgettable. In addition, Sea Urchin is grilled with oil and green onion or cooked porridge to provide large amounts of calcium for the body.

6, Jellyfish Co To

Jellyfish Co To
Besides a variety of other seafood, jellyfish is one of the most famous specialties of Co To island. It is considered as "white gold" of this beautiful island. Jellyfish is mainly made into jellyfish salad that attracts many tourists' attention. Moreover, Jellyfish salad is crispy and cool and its taste is unlike any other seafood. This dish is good for intestines, too. So, do not forget to enjoy it when coming to Co To island. 

7, Squid Co To

Squid Co To 
Squid is processed into dry squid and sun-dried squid with the characteristic flavor of Co To. It has long been famous for its local processing by skillful hands of local people. 

Dried squid and sun-dried squid of Co To have the straight and thick body. After grilled, it has an aroma smell spreading throughout the region. Therefore, Squid Co To is an indispensable gift when you bring back to the mainland or enjoy on the island with the cool breeze from the sea.

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