Friday, July 19, 2019

Things few tourists know about Myanmar

When traveling to Myanmar, tourists will realize that Myanmar people do not use chopsticks or spoons as they thought. Myanmar people just use hands to eat.

It is very interesting to get experiences in Myanmar; however, most of tourists traveling to Myanmar do not get thoughtful feelings and some untrue information about the country. Thus, this article will help all readers to understand Myanmar

Myanmar is the country having much minerals but they are not gold. Myanmar is famous for the world’s best gems such as ruby, marble. The extremely big marble blocks are used for making the big Buddha statues. Myanmar are Buddhists so it is common to contribute money, gold and gems to build the pagoda.

When traveling to Myanmar, tourists can see that there are many pagodas and temples, whether small or big. Almost pagodas have the gilded top to show the prosperity. In contrast, the life of Myanmar people living around the pagodas are very poor with low income and bad quality roads. What you see and feel is just the “front” of the country and where you take photos is just the small but brightest part

Myanmar’s traditional dishes are not as what you said because not every dishes have tofu, especially soy bean. Myanmar’s cuisine is the fusion of Indian, Thailand’s and Chinese cuisines. Specifically, Myanmar people do not use chopsticks and spoons as we do to eat. They just use their hands. Therefore, many tourists only come to the places specializing for the foreigners

Bus is the dominant means of transport in the traffic system of Myanmar. Because majority of the disadvantaged people cannot buy cars, bus becomes the most effective transport. The fare is very reasonable for local people thanks to the state’s financial support so in rush hours, it is common to see that the bus is always crowded

Myanmar government always encourages local people to keep their own identity. They still wear traditional costume when going out. Women apply Thanakhan powder for make-up. Many men chew betel.

Myanmar is the country put an embargo on in many years due to different reasons so it is not still under-developing. Most of Myanmar people thought that the goods in supermarkets are imported from Thailand but in fact, 50% of goods are imported from Vietnam. You can verify if you walk around the large supermarket in the city center. As they cannot read Vietnamese, they thought it as Thailand’s.

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