Friday, July 19, 2019

The world second largest Ringing Bell – Mingun

Tailormade Myanmar holiday is famous of magnificent golden pagodas and pious Buddhists. Among them, the complex of temples stays around Mingun village in the urban of Mandalay is one of the promising destinations.

Mingun Villages stays in the north of Mandalay and it was separated from the city by Ayeyawadi River. In Mingun, a ringing bell and a couple of Chinthe Statues are famous relics, and they are considered as sacred treasure to be protected by local people.

Ayeyawadi River

Chinthe was an animal (half lion, half dragon) that only exists in the legend. In Mingun, there is a gigantic couple of Chinthe Statues standing on the river bank as guarding the village. It was spoke that when earthquake happened, the people could stay inside Chinthe’s mouth. A Chinthe could keep ten people in his mouth and thanks to them, the village could survive after natural disaster.

In Mingun Villages, an invaluable temple was built as an evidence of true love from King Bagyidaw to his wife Hsinbyuma. It is Hsinbyuma Temple – a beautiful temple was constructed after the appearance of Meru Mountain and seven surrounding hills. Visitors can see the temple on every guidebook for tailormade Myanmar holiday.

If Hsinbyuma brings visitors the thought of looking at a beautiful woman, Mingun Temple amazes them by its overwhelmed appearance. In prosperous period under the rule of King Bodawpaya, thousands of slaves and prisoners of war were forced to work in constructing the temple in 1790. King Bodawpaya directly managed the construction and he required best architects to design the platform of the temple. Each direction of Mingun is 150 meter in length and the temple was planned to reach the height of 170 meter. There is only one step on the southeast of the temple to the top and from that visitors can capture the overview of Mingun Village.

Relic of Mingun Temple

The King Bodawpaya died in 1819 before the building of the temple finished and after that, a harsh earthquake in 1839 destroyed the temple, especially at the top. However, after two centuries, Mingun Temple still keeps its unique architecture. It is named as one of the most beautiful undone relics in the world and a sacred place of pilgrimage of Buddhists.

Not far from Mingun Temple stands Mingun Bell – the second largest bell in the world (the first one belongs to Moscow but it was broken). In 1808, King Bodawpaya created the bell to use in Mingun temple but his plan couldn’t come true. The 1838 Earthquake broke the hanger and it was recovered by English people. The bell is 5 meter in diameter and 4 meter in height.

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