Saturday, July 20, 2019

The lantern street: Hoi An

Hoi An is one of the most favorable places in Vietnam, which is surprised not only international but also domestic visitors. Among a survey of youth travelers in Vietnam, together with Da Nang, Nha Trang and Da Lat, Hoi An has the highest rate tourists each year and most of them did visit there for two or three times. So which make the irresistible attractiveness of the place?
Ancient Street

Become famous as the biggest harbor in Vietnam during 17 century, the structure of houses in the Ancient Street in Hoi An stayed nearly unchanged during French Colony. Until now, almost of them are rebuilt but still keep similar structures and materials to the old ones. It is easily to recognize the tiny houses with tile roofs, covered by colorful flowers. If in day light, Hoi An has atavistic appearance, by night, it turns to colorful and magical face with hundreds of lanterns lighting on. The citizens held lanterns on the bride, trees and in front of every house, which make the stress looks like a blossoming flower. The river goes through the main street puts on its make up with hundreds paper lotus lanterns floating – kind of believe that wishes would come true.


Chicken rice. Chicken are steamed on time, cut into long small pieces and mixed with black pepper, soy sauce and fish sauce, and eaten with rice, some herbs and sour salads made from carrots and kohlrabi.

Stress food. “Bánh Rán” is a kind of crispy pancake that is made from sticky rice mixed with sesame. There is variable kinds of Bánh Rán, with a heart of green bean or mixture of meat, onions and some vegetables inside.

Cao lầu. Came from a luxury dry noodle which was used to offered for Higher range people in China, when Cao Lầu went to Hoi An, it has different style. There is so complicated process to make the noodle that there is nowhere else can has the same taste to Hoi An’s noodle. The noodle is then mixed with slight fried pieces of meat, pig’s leather, bean spout and some vegetables. The combination of a little salty from bean sauce, sweet of meat, crispy of small pieces of pig leather and fresh of vegetable make the dish a distinct taste and fancy.

Cao Lau, the most famous noodle in Hoi An. You can mix it with chili and lemon sauces to experience different taste.

When is the best time to come there?

Hoi An has two distinct seasons: dry and rainy seasons. There will be waste time for you to come there from August to December, when almost of the time you have to stay in the hotel. From January to July, it would be highly recommended to go there around each 14th day on the lunar calendar, when there is thousands of lotus lanterns are floating on the river as Lantern festival.

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