Thursday, July 18, 2019

Tam Dao National Park – a natural and wild destional for tourist

Tam Dao National Park was established in 15/05/1996. It located on series Tam Dao Mountains. This mountain has the length of more than 80 kilometers, width from 10 to 15 kilometers. Tam Dao National Park located on three provinces Vinh Phuc (Tam Dao district), Thai Nguyen (Dai Tu district) and Tuyen Quang (Son Duong district), far away from Ha Noi about 75 kilometers.

Series Tam Dao Mountain has more than 20 peaks from 1,000 meters. The highest peak is a Tam Dao Nord 1,592 meters.

Purpose of Tam Dao National Park is to protect ecosystems on Tam Dao Mountain, gene of precious animals and natural scenes. Tam Dao Mountain creates two mountain sides: east and west. The rainfall each year is different, contribute to different climates.

Tam Dao National Park has an area of 34,995 ha. Besides, it has 1,282 kinds of plant belongs to 179 high level plant. It also has 163 kinds of animal in 5 classes: Mammalia, Birds, Reptiles, Amphibia, and Insects. This park has 239 kindss of birds. Many kinds have beautiful color hair such as “Vang Anh”, “Son tieu trang”, “Son tieu hong”, “Son Tieu Do”. Other precious animals are flying squirrel, tiger, bear, etc.

In Tam Dao National Park, there are many destinations suitable for tourists such as “Bac” waterfall, “Dai Tuyet” bridge, etc.

Tam Dao National Park is a precious asset of Vietnam Nation. It has many advantages for neighbors in its area. Besides, it also brings huge value of protecting environment, adjusting and providing water, serving science researching and tourism.

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