Saturday, July 20, 2019

Sunset at the top of Mandalay

Myanmar is one of the rare countries in the world which is bestowed breathtaking natural beauty and the tranquility unlike many bustling metropolises. Most destinations in Myanmar remain the spectacularly unspoiled condition.

Tourists come to Mandalay is to contemplate the ancient temples and pagodas. Some well-known sites can be named like the pagoda which preserves the Tipitaka set in stone, antique wooden pagoda Shwenandaw and ancient Mandalay castle. All of the journeys will be end with the picturesque moment of the sunset in the hilltop of the city.

Being located in the northeast of the city, Mandalay Hill is the sacred hill which is surrounded by many pagodas such as Kuthodaw, Sandamuni. Around 4pm, several cars and buses head to the hill. All people want to go early to choose the best place and enjoy the last moment of a day. The vehicles are required to stop near the hill so visitors would use the elevators and lifts instead to reach the summit of the hill.

The fact of not being hidden by the high-rise buildings makes the view more vibrant and splendid. Most hotels in Mandalay have the timetable of sunrise and sunset which make easier for tourist to follow. So do not miss your opportunity to admire the stately beauty of the landscape. This is also romantic scenery for couple and lovers who would like to experience a date under the sunset.

From atop of the hill, there is Sutaungpyei pagoda featuring mirror walls which reflect the sunshine and glisten the pagoda. Visitors are required to wear appropriately and modestly, walked barefoot when going to the pagoda as well as on the hill despite the hot or cold weather.

You do not have to pay anything at Mandalay Hill. Nonetheless, if you bring any video recording devices such as mobile phones and cameras, it would cost you 1,000 Kyats (around US$1).

The panoramic view of Mandalay under the poetic sunset is such a poetic and majestic experience. The light gradually turns from yellow to crimson covering the rooftop, raised buildings, the Shan mountains and the Irrawaddy River. It is absolutely must-do experience whenever you come to Mandalay.

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