Saturday, July 20, 2019

Shopping in Haiti is one of the greatest Attraction

Shopping is a fabulous affair, an excellent way to explore Haitian culture. It offers several destinations and market places across the country, with diversified culture. Passing through the busy streets and markets, is an absolute vivacious experience. Haiti is renowned for its amazing artistic products and painting styles. Many visitors cannot stop visiting the real artists, after getting amused by their brilliant works in the classy galleries and the museums.

A range of shopping destinations and markets are available, which are rich in traditional and artistic products of Haiti. It can be termed as a shopping paradise for tourists who came to witness the beauty of the Island. Apart from shopping and sightseeing, tourists are welcomed by the Haitians, to participate in the numerous fun-filled activities, so that they can enjoy the lively and colorful festivals featured at various vibrant spots.

One could take an ample opportunity to visit and discover the sumptuous bars and restaurants that are specially designed to promote tourism. One could enjoy spending quality time in Haiti, by exploring the art galleries and markets that reflect the powerful and refreshing style of the exotic art and culture.

Popular Venues of Haiti:

  • Here is the list of famous Venues in Haiti, for an exclusive and ultimate shopping experience:
  • Atelye Kreyol
  • Ateliers Calalou
  • Astrodesigns
  • Jerusalem Armenian Ceramic Tiles
  • Antique shop
  • Ambiance
  • AM Jade Co
  • All things Anime
  • Action Dancewear
  • Rwustik Candles
Apart from the above mentioned venues, Haiti has numerous designated shops, which are specialized for exclusive commodities. Iron Market and Artisan’s Market are the biggest markets, which worth visiting, as they are very famous across the country.

Iron Market (The Largest Market):

This market is located in the Port-au-Spain, the capital city of Haiti. It is really a great and exciting spot to explore and purchase the best local Haitian items such as jewelries, seed necklaces, straw hats, leather works, printed fabrics, carvings, wooden items, steel products, etc. This market is always overcrowded by tourists, as it offers plenty of items for enviable personal collection. Some of the exclusive articles and artistic products available in this market could turn out to be a souvenir of an excellent Caribbean tour. One of the most famous Haitian articles is the ‘nife painting’, which is available in great varieties in the Iron Market. This market has a great scope for bargainers, which is often a vogue while shopping.

Artisan’s Market (The Great Shopping Destination):

Artisan’s Market is located in the fantastic settings of the beach compound, in the city of Cap-Ha├»tien. It is famous for beautiful handcrafted art and local craft products, which are available in great varieties. One could not stop drinking the coffee at this market, which is of superb quality. The national drinks such as Cognac and the Rhum Barbancourt, are equally famous in this market, which are worth tasting!

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