Saturday, July 20, 2019

Rich and Fascinating History of Haiti

Haiti has a long, interesting and rich colonial history. This Island near Central America was initially occupied by the Taino and the Arawak tribes. When Christopher Columbus arrived, the Spanish conquered the Island and made several developments in Haiti. Later, the French and the British settled in the country and expanded their colonization.

Independence was soon achieved by the Haitians fantastically, which soon became an inspirational and motivational factor for many countries.

Haiti has a diverse culture and history as it is a mix of Spanish, French, English and the Africans. The native language of Haiti, called as Creole is developed by blending Spanish and French languages. In 1609, the Spanish King sent forces to encroach City of Santo Domingo, the Capital of Haiti, which further led French, British and the Dutch pirates to establish their base in Haiti. They occupied the Western and the Northern coasts, which was deserted for long time. The Spanish transported lot of Africans for plundering Silver and Gold from the Island. In 1625, the French started expanding in Haiti and finally conquered the Island in 1664. They named their colony as Saint-Domingue.

In 1791, the slaves from Northern region started revolution against their masters, which initiated the revolution in Haiti. This revolution began at Cap-Haitien (formerly known as Cap-Francais), led by Toussaint Louverture, who was also called as the ‘Black Napoleon’. In 1794, his forces defeated the French. He joined his forces with the French army and under his command; they defeated the Spanish and the British forces. Their association soon came to an end in 1802. Toussaint Louverture was deceived and captured. As a rebellion, he passed away leaving the revolution leadership in the hands of General Jean-Jacques Dessalines and General Henri Christophe.

Dessalines’s army defeated the French on November 18, 1803 by winning the Battle of Vertieres. Official independence was declared on January 1, 1804. Haiti was governed by several Presidents, until the US invasion in the 1915. Under the rebel leadership of Dominique Batraville and Charlemange Peralte, the nationalist fought against US and finally succeeded in 1934.

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