Saturday, July 20, 2019

Port au Prince

The capital city of Haiti, Port au Prince is the focal point in the map of Haiti attracting tourists from across the world. The pristine and entrancing beaches and the picturesque gulf allure the visitors. It’s not only the fun on the beach but a lot more on the way than one expects. Port au Prince has it all – sightseeing, excursions, nightlife, shopping and cruising – all that one anticipates when setting on for a vacation.

The beautiful capital city is located on the Gulf of Gonave. The international airport of Port au Prince is well-connected to most of the Caribbean cities. There are many flights plying between Port au Prince and the Caribbean. So gaining access to this place is very easy. The city experiences a tropical and wet climate with the temperature remaining more or less the same throughout the year.

Port au Prince has numerous sites to visit that are simply overwhelming and remarkable. St. Trinity Cathedral showcases some of the beautiful murals and paintings featuring the tradition of local voodoos and the Christian creed. There are some other places highlighting the glory and the culture of this country and Museum of Haitian Art is one amongst them. Notre-Dame Cathedral, Musée d'Art Haïtien du Collège St. Pierre, Santa Maria ship and the Musée Nationale are few places that are worth visiting.

The beach at the Port au Prince offers a range of water sports and adventure activities like swimming, boating, snorkeling, diving and so on and so forth. Many tourists go for cruise excursions to the neighboring cities like Petionville and Les Cayes that have their own charm. Like other Caribbean cities, the nightlife in Port au Prince features the characteristic beach culture. Petionville, a suburb is the best place to enjoy an exciting nightlife. Some nightclubs and bars are also there in the city to hang out and make the most of it.

No vacation can be complete without shopping. There are numerous shops in Fermathe that sell exquisite handicrafts. Embroidered Haitian clothing, iron works, woodcarvings and wooden bowls are the souvenirs the tourists usually buy here. Visit the exotic Port au Prince and spend your holiday in a Caribbean way.

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