Saturday, July 20, 2019

Night Life in Haiti ‘the fun begins even after the sunset’

A rich colonial history and tradition has transformed Haiti in to an exclusive travelling destination. This diversity has caught the attention of worldwide tourists, promoting rapid tourism in Haiti. Balancing the world tourism culture, Haiti has witnessed rapid growth in the tourism destinations, restaurants and Night life activities.

After visiting the wonderful Haitian and Caribbean destination, travelers have plenty of options to enjoy and experience the night life in Haiti. The mesmerizing and vibrant Haitian night life attracts eager tourists.

Night life in Haiti revolves around different cultures as this county is a perfect mix of diverse cultures. Initially, it was a home for Taino tribes and Arawak Natives, which was further colonized by Spanish, who bought lot of Africans in to the country for gold mining. Later, the French and the British invaded the country, spreading their culture in Haiti. Hence, the present culture what Haiti possesses, is a blended culture within the Caribbean Islands.

Night life is wonderful in Haiti, especially after enjoying the natural spots and destinations in sun. The fun does not die even after the sunset. Haiti offers huge varieties in eating and drinking, right from the small hotels to the expensive restaurants. Apart from serving food and drink, many hotels concentrated in providing night entertainment in their hotel, especially in the weekends. One could enjoy the exclusive African drums, casinos, exotic dances, western and the local music.

Haiti offers tasty food and fascinating places to dine that offers blended Continental and Caribbean ambiance. Some of the popular restaurants are Café Marabou at Petion ville, Café des Arts at Petionville, Beyrouth at Petionville, Aux Cosaques at Port-au Prince and Au Coin des Artistes at Petion-ville.

Petionville offers few bars that are opened till late night as many working foreigners residing in Haiti, frequently visit these places. Some of the wonderful nightclubs and discos are Crystal Palace Dancing, Caramel in Petionville, The Regency, Hotel Olaffson and Barak. Some of the charming hotels to enjoy night life in Haiti are Kinam Hotel, Kalika Beach Club, Cornier Plage and Hotel Montana. Barbancourt Rum Distillery is also a good place to experience Rum, which is the drink of the Island. Few restaurants also offer French wine. Dance bars in Haiti offers great charm for the night-revelers.

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