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Most favorite restaurants in Bagan ancient city, Myanmar

When traveling to Myanmar, food is one of your top concern. BBQ Harmony, Queen Restaurant, Golden Emperor in Bagan is one of the most favorite restaurants with a lot of compliments

Bagan is one of the lands that any tourists will pay a visit when traveling to Myanmar. Bagan is ancient, mysterious, familiar but strange. Coming to Bagan, beside visiting pagodas and taking photos of the dawn and sunset, many tourists will not miss the specialties

BBQ Harmony

To BBQ Harmony, as its name, the restaurant is most famous for the BBQ dishes. There are different BBQ dishes for you to choose including pork, beef, chicken, goose, fish, seafood and vegetables with the price range from 1.000 to 3.000kyat

One more special thing is the waiters of the restaurant. They are the young, friendly and humorous men.

After choosing the BBQ dishes, the customers will grill it right in place. You can order hot steamed rice to eat with. The dipping sauce is pretty delicious and suitable with Vietnamese people

Queen Restaurant

Queen Restaurant serves the customers with European and Asian dishes such as Chinese food, Italian food, Thailand’s food or Myanmar’s food. The way to cook dishes is quite quick but they are hot and delicious. The menu is diverse with many specialties of many countries such as Chinese roasted duck, noodle and pizza, Thailand’s Tom Yum soup or BBQ dish. The space is wide, clean and clear

The price of some dishes as reference:

Myanmar’s tea leaf salad: 1.000kyat

Fried chicken: 5.000kyat

Roasted duck: 5.500kyat

Pizza with tomato, mushroom and cheese: 5.500kyat

Carbonara spaghetti: 4.00kyat

Roasted chicken as piece (5 peaces): 5.000kyat

Steak beef: 6.500kyat

Fruit juice: 1.000kyat

Milkshake: 1.500 – 2.000kyat

Myanmar beer: 1.800kyat

Tiger beer: 2.000kyat

Golden Emperor

Golden Emperor which is near BBQ Harmony and serve the similar dishes to Queen Restaurant. However, they have some vegetable dishes. Golden Emperor is also the restaurant certified by the global tourism website TripAdvisor

Prices of some dishes as reference:

Myanmar beer: 1.200kyat

Tiger beer: 1.200kyat

Russian salad: 2.500kyat

Special salad: 3.500kyat

Myanmar chicken soup: 3.500kyat

Vegetable soup: 1.500kyat

Hawaiian pizza: 5.000kyat

Carbonara spaghetti and Bolognaise: 4.000kyat

Burgur bread: 4.000kyat

Steak: 7.000kyat

Golden Myanmar (Myanmar Food House)

This restaurant is located near Ananda pagoda in Bagan. You can enjoy the traditional buffet of Myanmar people with the price of about 3.000kyat/person. The lime juice is 1.500kyat/glass

One buffet of Myanmar people will have dishes cooked from pork, beef, soup and salad, which are traditional meals. The food in Myanmar is nearly similar to Vietnamese one but it is little oily and typical curry flavor

The Moon

The Moon is in the second rank in the list of popular restaurants in Bagan by TripAdvisor. The main dishes here are vegetables dishes cooked cleverly. Around the restaurant, there is a garden with the big trees so that tourists can take a rest

Remember to eat special cream as dessert in this restaurant.

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