Saturday, July 20, 2019

Impressive destinations cannot be ignored in Nha Trang

Coming to Nha Trang, besides enjoying yourself on beautiful beaches, you also can explore many attractive destinations as below:

1. Conquering Hon Ba island

It is likely that the name Hon Ba is a little strange to many tourists, however, to the local people here, the island is considered “Da Lat in the middle of seaside town”. The top of Hon Ba looks like a fairy hiding in foggy forests. It will take you 2 hours to reach Hon Ba if you go from Nha Trang city. Hon Ba mount is 1.600m high over the sea level. In the hottest summer day, the temperature here is only 18 Celsius degree.

Going to Hon Ba, you can feel relax with the fresh air and immensely wild landscape. Hon Ba natural reserve possesses a diversified flora and fauna. The most famous place here is doctor A.Yersin’s woody house. According to notes, the house is the place doctor Yersin made research and plant the precious medicinal herbs.

Hon Ba is very suitable for family and friends picnic. Besides ecological tourism services, souvenir shops, bungalows are also built to serve tourists.

2. Going to Vietnam East Pole

East pole is ideal destination for adventure lovers. East Pole ( or Hon Dau), lies on Hon Gom peninsula, Van Ninh commune, 80km away from Nha Trang. You can go there by boat or motorbike.
It is a miserably hard but exciting itinerary with long road, high slopes and burning sand dunes and rocks aside the sea. After the difficult path, you will extremely happy when sea landscape gradually appear.

Reaching East pole, you can make camp, play on the white sand dune, go swimming or dive to see coral or make camp fire in the evening. The most expected moment is at sunrise when you can proudly stand in East pole to enjoy the very-first sun light of Vietnam territory.

3. Playing in Thach Lam stream – ecology and sport tourism

Thach Lam stream belonging to Cam Lam commune is the first ecological sport tourist area in Khanh Hoa province. It lies 20km away from Nha Trang city.

Thach Lam is granted with the natural cool stream surrounded by green grass and majestic mountain views. Especially, there is also the largest cherry orchard garden in Vietnam. Visiting Thach Lam stream in the cherry blossom season, you’ll be lost in a brilliant colorful garden and hard- to- resist beauty.

The tourist Area is suitable place to organize camping and group activities. There are also many exciting entertainment services for tourists such as fall kayaking, grass sliding, shooting paint, mini golf… There is also a countryside market where you can find many local dishes.

4. Experiencing Binh Ba island

Pristine Binh Ba Island with blue waters and fresh cool wind is nowadays becoming a popular destination attracting many sea lovers. Binh Ba is located in the city of Cam Ranh Bay, about 60km from Nha Trang. From Cam Ranh port, you just need to sail about 12 miles to the island.

Binh Ba sea is famous for the cool, clean, beautiful and safe beaches. Seafood here is great which is always fresh and plentiful, the most famous sea food of Binh Ba to mention is lobster. Binh Ba tourism is focusing on developing homestay services with many exciting experiences. Tourists will have the opportunities to visit the sea fish feeding area, try in night squid fishing, snorkel to see coral..

5. Exploring poetic peaceful Con Se Tre

Saying goodbye to daily worries, you will find quiet and serene moment in Con Se Tre. The tourist area lies in Hon Tra island and is designed followed the countryside style. From Nha Trang city, it only takes you 15 minutes to sail to Con Se Tre.
The first impression to visitor is everything from houses, chairs, tables, gardens and even restaurants on the island are made from bamboos. Simple but super-unique, Con Se Tre will bring you close and warm feelings.

Clean, safe beaches with smooth white sand and picturesque scenery, Con Se Tre is very suitable for relaxing, swimming, snorkeling, fishing, beach walking, canoe riding, and hiking … Especially, the resorts have ovens to serves seafood barbecue parties.

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