Saturday, July 20, 2019

Huong River – Remain to an old Capital

Name of the River

Some people call Huong as “perfume river” owing to a theory, there was cactus blossoming on two sides of the river, that can be used as medicine and made the typical smells. Other theory is that in Vietnamese, Huong has similar sound to incense which is used in most of the pagodas. When Ming Mang King was confused to choose place to occupy, there was a fairy appeared in his dream said that he should go on the boat, lighted an incense and thought about the Buddha. When the light was turning off, there was the place to build new capital. So maybe, the name of Huong River is close to the property of Ming Mang King with the help of magic.

Huong River. The most beautiful time to visit it is in summer, when flowers are blossoming and the river has typical blue crystal color.

Sight seeing

Boat was the most popular transport in the ancient Vietnam, so go on boat through the river, you can experience to slow and relaxing lifestyle of old Vietnamese. On day light, Huong river is quiet and peaceful place with the view of a small city. Going out of the city, you can take a look to the fields and small houses on both sides, and breathe clear fresh air. However, at night, it has different face with colorful light bride and palace. It is perfect time to listen to Hue Court Music.

Hue Court Music

Hue Court Music was used to perform in special events of the King like holidays and birthday, and was recognized as Cultural Intangible Heritage of Vietnam. The original Court Music was complicated but until now, it is simplified and appropriated to most of the audiences who want to discover the ancient music performance.

Main instruments are used in the Court Music performance. From the left to the right, from above to below: conical oboe, pear-shaped lute with four strings, moon-shaped two-string lute, fretless lute with snakeskin-covered body and three strings, two-stringed vertical fiddle, bamboo transverse flute and drum played with sticks.

Hue Court Music was performed in most of the special events and now it is transformed to a show to meet visitors demand.

The performance and instruments were described in many documents and draw on personal objects. I can say that, for visitors who want to travel to Hue and experience the part of culture of Vietnam, they couldn’t miss the time to look at the palace on the river side and listen to the court music.

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