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Hung Temple Festival – the sacred festival of Vietnamese in Phu Tho province

Hung Temple Festival is the largest festival of national commemoration of the Hung Kings had the nation building. Etiquette death anniversary of Hung Vuong has become a rich cultural tradition in our country. It is a national festival, and the entire population of Vietnam folk mind it carries the highest divinity. So the festival is held annually with the solemn rite national festival, with the pilgrims’ return to ethnic origin “of tens of thousands of people from around the country and overseas compatriots living abroad .. Hung temple Festival lasts from 8th to March 11th lunar calendar, which is the 10th Assembly. The festival takes place at the Hung Temple, Phu Tho.

Overview of Hung Temple Festival

Like all other festivals in North Delta, at the Hung Temple Festival is composed of two parts: Part celebration and part assembly.

Part priest celebrated a solemn ceremony intentional. Gifts offered are “born ceremony tam” (one pig, one goat and one cow), rice cake multicolored thick and sticky, antique brass instrument is the drums. After a while drums sounded, the official, excellent for offerings under the control of the celebrating. Next to the tools of the village elders around the local temple priest Hung in. Finally, the people and pilgrims travel to the priest in the temple, thought anniversary of the Hung Kings.

Thousand tourists come here to attend Hung Temple Festival

Hung Temple Festival is beautiful in the traditional customs of the Vietnamese people. And for a long time in the minds of folk, The land has become “sacred sanctuary” of the country, where the ethnic origins. Over the period of history but sometimes prevalent, but at failure Hung temple Festival has been held. this was demonstrated extraordinary bravery and brilliant civilization, deeply imbued with the people of Vietnam. the pilgrims on earth group had no religious discrimination just as people in Vietnam, their hearts are proud descendants of king Hung forever. Therefore, whoever is available Vietnam if the interest and desire for pilgrims on the earth Team themselves can make a legitimate aspiration that is easy and convenient.

Males in Phu Tho are showing the tradition of :Banh Chung”

Hung Temple Festival or death anniversary of Hung Vuong a festive gathering, praising the glory of the race, a symbol of community spirit. The opportunity to take a deep admiration for the fatherland, a deep-rooted belief in Vietnam minds whether they live in any public sky.

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