Saturday, July 20, 2019

Haiti Cuisine ‘A Blend of African, French and Taino Amerindians’

Haiti, a Spanish and French speaking country, is different than the rest of the Caribbean Islands, in several ways. One of the drastic changes that Haiti possesses from its counterparts is its Cuisine, which is influenced by French, Spanish, Africans and the native Taino Cuisine techniques.The historical culinary styles that have been possessed through various ethnic groups of Haiti, is blended together to form a unique and a native cooking style, which has appealed to many tourists, since past.

The eating tradition of Haitians led in the increase of many restaurants and bars across the country. The exotic dining horizons and the culinary activities are so wide spread that, it is almost impossible to taste all of them in single visit to Haiti. The surrounding sea offers varied range of fresh and new items that are both tasty and healthy. Haiti is a country where one can find great variety of vegetarian and non vegetarian food that will delight every visitor. Every corner of Haitian kitchen is adequately filled up with pasta, pork, lamb, beef and chicken. Haitians consumes meats and vegetables extensively, with herbs and pepper for enhancing flavor. The food is moderately spicy, not too hot, and not too mild.

Many of foreign origin businesses have been established in Haiti over the years, which have also introduced numerous foreign cuisines merging it with the traditional Haitian cuisines. Some of the popular Haitian dishes are listed below:
  • Guinea Hen (with sauce made from orange)
  • Dried Turkey (Tassot de Dinde)
  • Fried island Pork (Grillot)
  • Black mushrooms with Rice (Diri et djondjon)
  • Peas and rice (Riz et pois)
  • Lobster (Langouste flambe)
  • Herbs and sauce of onions (Ti malice)
  • Piment oiseau (hot sauce)
  • Island bananas and pork chops (Grillot et banane pese)
  • Potato puddings (Sweet in taste)
  • Mango pie
  • Ice cream made up of coconut
  • Nuts, cashews and other island fruits


Haitians are fond of desserts, which is normally made from granulated sugar and sugarcane. The taste ranges from mildly to horribly sweet. ‘Fresco’ is one of the popular desserts that are sold locally by the street vendor. It is very sweet fruit syrup, moderately thick; similar to the Italian Ice. ‘Piene Patte’ is sweet and soft bread, made from sweet potatoes and evaporated milk. ‘Akasant’ is a thick milkshake made from corn. ‘Meat pattie’ is a very famous appetizer, which is a crust of crispy bread.

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