Saturday, July 20, 2019

Fabulous Climate of Haiti has fantasized many Voyagers Since Past!

Haiti enjoys the fantastic Caribbean climate which has attracted many voyagers since decades! The charm has been often discussed in the literatures in past, which has fantasized many travelers around the world. Haiti has a tropical hot and humid climate, which is characterized by the diurnal variation of temperature that is higher than the annual variation. The temperature varies as the altitude modifies. Haiti experiences spectacular two rainy seasons and sultry nights.

Dry season is experienced from November to January, which is then interrupted by the flow of the North Wind that often carries drizzle and fog in the country. The weather becomes very wet from February to May, as the Northeast trade winds carries rain to Haiti. The mountains in the East, tends to cut off the trade winds, resulting semiarid condition in the mountainous region.

The rainfall varies in every region of Haiti. Some lowland areas or mountain slopes experiences heavy rainfall. The hurricane season lasts during June and October, which is associated with several storms, hurricanes and floods. There are two rainy seasons, one during April to June and the other from October to November.

The rain is unevenly distributed with an average annual rainfall of 140 centimeters to 200 centimeters. Heavy rain is normally poured in the mountainous region, Northern Plains and the Southern Peninsula. In the Northern Peninsula, the rainfall starts decreasing from east to west. In the Western coast, the climate is relatively dry from the capital city Port-au-Prince to the Northern Peninsula. Moderate precipitation is experienced in the Central region of Haiti. The temperatures in the lowland areas are normally high, ranging from 25 ˚C to 35 ˚C in the summer and 15 ˚C to 25 ˚C during the winter.

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