Friday, July 19, 2019

Discover street markets in Myanmar

The sunshine turning from bright gold color to sapphire blue embraces all the ways of many crowded markets in the capital of Myanmar, Yangon. Besides Bogyke market – one of the most well-known Myanmar tourist attractions, there are many others, especially the markets locate on the street. Visitors choose to visit the street market to discover local activities and try tropical food.

Meat, fruits and vegetables are collected from nearby farms. Farmers in surrounded regions also bring their products to the street markets. 

When wandering around, tourists can savor the scent of ribbon-tied jasmines which are sold often for housewives and passengers. Not just that but people can also catch the whiffs of fresh fishes and meat. Like in other places, the street markets in Yangon provide all essential food and goods, from eggs, cheese to Thanaka cream, which is often used by native people as sun cream.

Visitors can easily find small handwritten paper boards, which contain the price on the stalls. 

These street markets are potential Myanmar tourist attractions, with the air full of jasmine fragrance and the roads full of stalls. Standing next to the sellers may be the sacks filled with white rice or the bamboo baskets containing carrots, plastic bowls or many varied types of fruit and vegetables.

Taking a further look, tourists could see the flashing lights emitted from the cans. They are from the stalls where fishes are piled on banana leaves. The bright yellow turmeric, which is used often for flavoring and coloring in Asian dishes, are sold nearby.

Chili powder, peppers and other spices from the tropical country are sold in stalls at streets markets. Visitors can even find Thanaka – a secret beauty recipe of Myanmar people.

The street markets seem to be bustling with many shoppers, who are at different ages, with different styles, like a man wearing monk robe and carrying newspapers and a plastic bag of bean sprouts, or a group of men having tatoos on their bodies, wearing T-shirts and Burmese traditional dresses. They are busy of buying necessary items or, simply finding some snacks to satisfy the hunger. The street markets, as well as other Myanmar tourist attractions, show all the modest beauty of Myanmar culture and tourists can only perceive them, when experiencing themselves.

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