Thursday, July 18, 2019

Da Nang: Peaceful destination for couple

The center garden of Furama resort used to be voted as “Green oasis of Da Nang” by The Guide newspaper. This is also the peaceful destination for couples.

The oasis is known as a fresh land with tree lines around the center lake. With this special design, this garden makes people think about natural oasis existing right on the center of the city.

The garden is 3 ha in area, modeled on scenery of tropical forest with the diversity of trees. At the first time coming here for rest, Vu Tu Nam (the famous writer of Viet Nam) compared this garden to Viet Bac forest. It can be seen that there are many kinds of tree here such as coconut, areca-nut alternated with bushes and colorful flowers. It also is the peaceful land of birds. Walking in the garden in the morning, you can see appearance of sparrow, flowerpecker, and spotted dove through their happy songs.

In the center of the oasis is a big pool which is usually called as Lagoon. It is suitable for couples to swim in cool water especially in summer days. Furthermore, there is a bar named “Bar Lagoon” which is close to the pool and this is ideal dating place for couples.

Different from the noise atmosphere of other bars, Lagoon Bar is pretty quiet and peaceful. Besides, Furama usually make new particular cocktails, mocktail suitable for summer or organize events for tourist such as tea & cake buffet in the afternoon.

The couples also experience spa service in wood towers which are random located in the garden. All stress will disappear immediately thanks to the traditional massage skills. Many couples unhesitatingly compared this place to the heaven on earth for who is in love.

The difference of the garden is made from an Australian designer – Denon Corker. He built a small hill at the end of the garden. Tourist can see many kinds of colorful flower around the hill. Owning many such romantic types of scenery, the garden is always the ideal place for couples to take a wedding photo album.


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