Friday, July 19, 2019

A Winter Weekend in Sa Pa

Sa Pa is one of the most popular destinations in Vietnam. It’s for sure the most famous mountainous region in Vietnam – for a good reason. In Sa Pa you can find the famous rice terraces and meet different ethnic minorities such as the H’Mong or the Dao. The French colonialists already built this charming little town in the northern mountains as a retreat. In the hot summer in Hanoi they came here to enjoy the fresh and cool climate of the mountains. But why should you visit Sa Pa in the cold winter?

Sa Pa is very different in winter, but it’s well worth seeing it. In winter, the rice terraces are brown instead of green, but the atmosphere is even more quiet and peaceful, everything slows down. Instead of working in the fields, families sit together at the fireside to keep warm. Similar to the Western world, this is a time to get together and calm down, although here Christmas is not the reason for this.

The weather in winter can be very different. Days can be very cold but still have sunshine and blue sky. The views this clear cold air offers you on the mountains are unmatched. On other days it’s rainy and misty. The foggy valley of Sa Pa is covered in a mystical atmosphere. And very seldom it can even have snow, a unique thing you cannot experience in other places in Vietnam. A winter weekend in Sa Pa is always full of surprises. It’s even possible to have all these different weathers within only one day!

Not only concerning the atmosphere and the weather Sa Pa is different in winter. Usually we would recommend you to stay in a homestay to meet the ethnic minorities and experience the local life. However, local houses are not heated very well and although it would be an experience, it would be a cold one. Exotic Voyages suggests you to stay at the Victoria Hotel Sa Pa, the only luxury hotel in town. This hotel is built in a beautiful French chalet style and thrones on top of a hill with stunning views on the town and the valley. It’s only 5 minutes walking from the hotel to the famous church of Sa Pa, the hotel even offers a shuttle service up and down the hill with an e-car. Every room has views on the garden and the mountains and in the lobby and restaurant you find romantic open fireplaces, which help to keep you warm on cold winter days. Foggy and rainy days are best to be enjoyed while relaxing during a massage or in the Sauna of the Victoria Hotel Sa Pa, the Spa really is excellent!

Even for food you don’t even have to leave the hotel, the restaurant is considered to be one of the best in town. Enjoy the great variety and mixture of local food from the mountains as well as French Cuisine. For a winter weekend in Sa Pa Exotic Voyages has one more special tip for you: Cheese Fondues! Unique in Sa Pa you can order a great Cheese Fondues the hotel restaurant. It’s not traditional Vietnamese food? Agreed, however the hotel and the atmosphere in winter might make you feel like in the French Alps, so give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!

You see, even if winter is cold and the rice terraces are not green and sometimes due to fog not even visible: A winter weekend in Sa Pa is well worth the journey!

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