Friday, July 19, 2019

10 wonderful archaeological places you should visit in Asia

Bagan in Myanmar, Great Wall in China, Angkor Wat in COmbodia… are the wonderful places you should not miss in your trip

Terra-cotta Army, China

Recognized as a world heritage in 1987 by UNESCO, Terra-cotta Army of China is truly one of the attractive and visit-worthy archaeological wonders. It is the second popular tourist destination in China, catching tourists’ curiosity by the unique collections of clay sculptures with different sizes depicting the strong army of Quin Shi Huang – the first king of China

Ayutthaya, Thailand

Ayutthaya is Thailand’s capital city which holds historical values, valuable relics and temples such as Phom Phet – Sanphet Praset’s palace, Wat Thammikarat, Wat Suwan Dararam, Wat Na Phra Men, Wat Mahatgat, Wat Phra si Sanphet… In addition, Ayutthaya has many beautiful and modern buildings like Bang Pa-in palace, foreign offices, Chao Sam Phraya national museum

Ajanta cave, India

Cringe itself inside the remote riverbank valley, Ajanta cave has 12 Buddhism temples built in the beginning of 2nd century B.C. The cave is known as a “conservation area” of the most typical Buddhism masterpieces in India

Petra, Jordan

Petra is famous for a treasure of archaeology capturing all senses of most tourists by the splendid historical relics such as monuments, temples and tombs of Nabataean people

Great Wall, Beijing, China

Although there is few archaeological places on land, Great Wall can compete the “crown” for China about its grandiosity and immensity. Wonderful, pleasant and inspiring are what you can use to describe this famous place. This work becomes the greatest feat of arms on technique in the history

Bagan, Myanmar

When traveling to Myanmar, you will know that Bagan is considered as the special “treatment” for those who like peaceful feeling, sightseeing and photo taking. With many sophisticated Buddhism relics including monasteries, towers, pagodas and temples, it becomes the top wonderful archaeological place in Myanmar

Ellora, Maharashtra, India

Ellora, Maharashtra, also called Verul Leni, is a strange but wonderful scene complex on temples in the cave according to Buddha and Hindu. It was built from 6th century to 10th century A.C. Ellora cave seems to be as undramatic and unpleasant with eyes as Ajanta cave but it still attracts more than 1 million of tourists annually for visiting and discovering the sophisticated and unique sculptures

Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Not only is Angkor Wat one of Asian top archaeological places but also world’s famous wonder. Coming to here, you can sightsee and explore lots of great relics and temples decorated and sculptured cleverly as Bayon and Angkor Wat

Gedong Songo, Semarang, Indonesia

This place is famous for the eye-catchy temples and wonderful one for discovering nature as well as experiencing ideal outdoor activities

Borobudur, Magelang, Indonesia

With bright sunset scene, mysterious relics and the large temples, Borobudur becomes the perfect place for Buddhists, local people and tourists to visit.

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