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Quang Ninh – the charming site in Vietnam

Quang Ninh is a coastal province in the north-east of Vietnam. It is one of the biggest tourist center in Vietnam with many famous sites.

Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay
The most well-known place in Quang Ninh is Ha Long Bay. Ha Long Bay has been recognized many times as a natural heritage of the world with thousands of islands made by creativity and life by UNESCO. It has beautiful scenery, so this place is a very attractive tourist destination.
Halong Bay is a unique heritage because this place contains important vestiges in the process of forming and developing the earth's history, is a work of art - a lively and mysterious world. In addition, high biodiversity is concentrated with a typical ecosystem and thousands of species of plants and animals in Ha Long Bay. It is also associated with the values of Vietnamese history and culture. 
Visitors are interested in rock formations and caves. It has two types of islands: limestone islands and shale islands, concentrated in two main areas - south-east of Bai Tu Long Bay and south-west of Ha Long Bay. This is the oldest image of the geological age of 250 - 280 million years, which is the result of the process of raising up and down several times from the continent to the sea. Carto erosion process creates a unique Halong in the world.
Hundreds of islands carry a different shape. The beautiful caves associated with many miraculous legends is concealed from rock islands such as Thien Cung, Dau Go, Sung Sot cave, Trinh Nu cave, Tam Cung cave and so on. From the past, Ha Long was dubbed as "the wonder of land in the sky" by Nguyen Trai.
Wherever you are in the world, whether white or black, regardless of nationality, language, age, etc when coming here, tourists also have the same emotions, the heart vibration before a period the stone and water, and when to share the Ha Long will leave the impression unforgettable. Legendary ancient stories about the mother dragon and her baby having sprung up pearl islands to create thousands of stone islands to prevent step the enemy still stands today creating the invaluable heritage of the world.

Khe Van Waterfall

Khe Van Waterfall
Khe Van falls is in Huc Dong commune, Binh Lieu district, Quang Ninh province. The 100 meters high waterfall is divided into 3 distinct floors, each layer has a different beauty. The first waterfall welcomes visitors to a large space, in the middle there is a rock emerges as an elephant in the podium, surrounded by hundreds of large rocks to create a wild and attractive landscape. Up to the second floor of the waterfall, people will see the waterfall is divided into two sides impressively. Finally, having reached the top of the waterfall, visitors will be surprised by the majesty of nature here. The sound from the watershed falling down to mingle with the mountains and forests makes the mountain more attractive. At the bottom of the waterfall, a clear blue lake that can see through the bottom make those who conquer here are rewarded with the effort to climb out of the place.
The climate here is mild, cool and the air is very fresh. Because of this, Khe Vran Waterfall is a tourist destination that is popular with both locals and tourists. Mixing in the midst of the mountains, listening to the sound of running water and birds, people feel so comfortable.

Binh Lieu – the place for those who are interested in travelling

Binh Lieu
Binh Lieu is a poor mountainous district in northeastern Quang Ninh province, about 270 km from Hanoi. It has a mild year-round climate, diverse terrain and beautiful natural scenery. It is described as a "small Sapa".Visitors could enjoy a beautiful space with terraced fields, the vast green scent of the jungle, acacia, cinnamon, old-fashioned houses, the flow of water. Each season, there is an interesting point to attract tourists. For example, in the spring, tourists will have the opportunity to participate in special festivals such as Luc Nong Festival, Soong Co singing festival, the day of "abstinence". Summer and autumn, the waterfalls raging while the green terraces wiped the eyes. At the end of the year, this is the harvest season and the festive season, the new rice celebration.
Come here, you can also try hunting on Mount Cao Ly or visit the Lion House temple worshipping Thanh Hoang and revolutionary heroes, hear the bamboo growing upside and admire the ancient bold house with 5 rooms, brick wall, roof tile yin, and yang.
Traveling to Quang Ninh, tourists don’t forget trying some special dishes of Quang Ninh such as “cha muc”, “banh gat gu”, etc. These dishes will be an unforgettable experience with visitors.

Top 7 SeaFood in Co To that you should try once

When traveling to Co To, you will be very familiar with the atmosphere of the market exchange of seafood. It is very bustling in the morning. The sellers and buyers are busy on the way to the port with a variety of delicious fresh seafood such as shrimp, fish, squid, crabs, sentinel crab and so on. Co To island is not only the pristine and beautiful island but also the habitat of many marine species. Particularly, those marine species has a large of quantities. They are processed into much attractive fresh foods that many people choose to travel Co To during the summer holiday. 

1, Finger-Nail Snail

Finger-Nail Snail
Co To is home to many species of sea snails such as finger-nail snails, fat snails, thorny snails, etc. In that case, the finger-nail snail is a mollusk having two shells and commonly referred to as Ma Dao snail. This is a nutritious and cool food used for curing many diseases. Besides, its taste is sweet, crispy and contains many minerals such as iron, calcium. The finger-nail snail is made into many delicious dishes such as boiled, steamed and dipped with chili sauce, served with herbs, stir-fried with vegetables, pineapple, salad, etc. 

2, Co To Sea Cucumber

Co To Sea Cucumber
Co To has a large fishing ground, so the cultivation of sea cucumbers is very convenient. It provided a great amount of sea cucumber for Co To cuisine. Sea Cucumber not only tastes delicious but also has a great nutrition value. People often catch sea cucumber, then soaks Kali alum and cut into small pieces. Especially, this seafood can be processed into a variety of dishes such as fried with celery, fried with mushrooms, fried with cabbage or the soup, stew, etc. Sea Cucumber is very useful for health because of the prevention of kidney stones and debilitating body.

3, Co To Stomatopoda

Co To Stomatopoda
Stomatopoda has other names like mantis shrimp, sea mantis, shrimp boat, or shrimp hammer. This is the seafood you should not miss when visiting Co To. Stomatopoda has not only delicious meat but also provides very good nutrition. Stomatopoda's meat is rich in nutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Iron, Omega 3 and Omega 6, which are good for the immune system. Besides, Stomatopoda can be processed many different dishes such as grilled, steamed, roasted salt, roasted tamarind. All of them are very attractive so do not hesitate to try once. 

4, Sa Sung

Sa Sung
Sa Sung looks a bit like earthworms and is often dried up and made with alcohol. In addition, this seafood can be used to make the soup that will be very sweet and aroma. 
Sa Sung is one of the rare seafood that is extremely delicious and nutritious. Sa Sung fried with fresh garlic is a folk food but no less characteristic of the Co To because of its soft, fragrant and sweet. Besides, there are dried Sa Sung is stir-fried until it has a yellow color. The residents say that it is a strong smell of the sea. 

5, Sea Urchin

Sea Urchin 

Sea Urchin is a kind of seafood that is extremely attractive. Not only that, this seafood is called Ginseng of the sea because they have very high nutritional value and bring more health benefits. The processing of Sea Urchin is also very rich. Especially, it can be eaten raw for a little mustard and soy sauce. Sea Urchin really has no fishy but it has the fat taste of its eggs and the pungent taste of mustard that will be extremely unforgettable. In addition, Sea Urchin is grilled with oil and green onion or cooked porridge to provide large amounts of calcium for the body.

6, Jellyfish Co To

Jellyfish Co To
Besides a variety of other seafood, jellyfish is one of the most famous specialties of Co To island. It is considered as "white gold" of this beautiful island. Jellyfish is mainly made into jellyfish salad that attracts many tourists' attention. Moreover, Jellyfish salad is crispy and cool and its taste is unlike any other seafood. This dish is good for intestines, too. So, do not forget to enjoy it when coming to Co To island. 

7, Squid Co To

Squid Co To 
Squid is processed into dry squid and sun-dried squid with the characteristic flavor of Co To. It has long been famous for its local processing by skillful hands of local people. 

Dried squid and sun-dried squid of Co To have the straight and thick body. After grilled, it has an aroma smell spreading throughout the region. Therefore, Squid Co To is an indispensable gift when you bring back to the mainland or enjoy on the island with the cool breeze from the sea.

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The lantern street: Hoi An

Hoi An is one of the most favorable places in Vietnam, which is surprised not only international but also domestic visitors. Among a survey of youth travelers in Vietnam, together with Da Nang, Nha Trang and Da Lat, Hoi An has the highest rate tourists each year and most of them did visit there for two or three times. So which make the irresistible attractiveness of the place?
Ancient Street

Become famous as the biggest harbor in Vietnam during 17 century, the structure of houses in the Ancient Street in Hoi An stayed nearly unchanged during French Colony. Until now, almost of them are rebuilt but still keep similar structures and materials to the old ones. It is easily to recognize the tiny houses with tile roofs, covered by colorful flowers. If in day light, Hoi An has atavistic appearance, by night, it turns to colorful and magical face with hundreds of lanterns lighting on. The citizens held lanterns on the bride, trees and in front of every house, which make the stress looks like a blossoming flower. The river goes through the main street puts on its make up with hundreds paper lotus lanterns floating – kind of believe that wishes would come true.


Chicken rice. Chicken are steamed on time, cut into long small pieces and mixed with black pepper, soy sauce and fish sauce, and eaten with rice, some herbs and sour salads made from carrots and kohlrabi.

Stress food. “Bánh Rán” is a kind of crispy pancake that is made from sticky rice mixed with sesame. There is variable kinds of Bánh Rán, with a heart of green bean or mixture of meat, onions and some vegetables inside.

Cao lầu. Came from a luxury dry noodle which was used to offered for Higher range people in China, when Cao Lầu went to Hoi An, it has different style. There is so complicated process to make the noodle that there is nowhere else can has the same taste to Hoi An’s noodle. The noodle is then mixed with slight fried pieces of meat, pig’s leather, bean spout and some vegetables. The combination of a little salty from bean sauce, sweet of meat, crispy of small pieces of pig leather and fresh of vegetable make the dish a distinct taste and fancy.

Cao Lau, the most famous noodle in Hoi An. You can mix it with chili and lemon sauces to experience different taste.

When is the best time to come there?

Hoi An has two distinct seasons: dry and rainy seasons. There will be waste time for you to come there from August to December, when almost of the time you have to stay in the hotel. From January to July, it would be highly recommended to go there around each 14th day on the lunar calendar, when there is thousands of lotus lanterns are floating on the river as Lantern festival.

Huong River – Remain to an old Capital

Name of the River

Some people call Huong as “perfume river” owing to a theory, there was cactus blossoming on two sides of the river, that can be used as medicine and made the typical smells. Other theory is that in Vietnamese, Huong has similar sound to incense which is used in most of the pagodas. When Ming Mang King was confused to choose place to occupy, there was a fairy appeared in his dream said that he should go on the boat, lighted an incense and thought about the Buddha. When the light was turning off, there was the place to build new capital. So maybe, the name of Huong River is close to the property of Ming Mang King with the help of magic.

Huong River. The most beautiful time to visit it is in summer, when flowers are blossoming and the river has typical blue crystal color.

Sight seeing

Boat was the most popular transport in the ancient Vietnam, so go on boat through the river, you can experience to slow and relaxing lifestyle of old Vietnamese. On day light, Huong river is quiet and peaceful place with the view of a small city. Going out of the city, you can take a look to the fields and small houses on both sides, and breathe clear fresh air. However, at night, it has different face with colorful light bride and palace. It is perfect time to listen to Hue Court Music.

Hue Court Music

Hue Court Music was used to perform in special events of the King like holidays and birthday, and was recognized as Cultural Intangible Heritage of Vietnam. The original Court Music was complicated but until now, it is simplified and appropriated to most of the audiences who want to discover the ancient music performance.

Main instruments are used in the Court Music performance. From the left to the right, from above to below: conical oboe, pear-shaped lute with four strings, moon-shaped two-string lute, fretless lute with snakeskin-covered body and three strings, two-stringed vertical fiddle, bamboo transverse flute and drum played with sticks.

Hue Court Music was performed in most of the special events and now it is transformed to a show to meet visitors demand.

The performance and instruments were described in many documents and draw on personal objects. I can say that, for visitors who want to travel to Hue and experience the part of culture of Vietnam, they couldn’t miss the time to look at the palace on the river side and listen to the court music.

Impressive destinations cannot be ignored in Nha Trang

Coming to Nha Trang, besides enjoying yourself on beautiful beaches, you also can explore many attractive destinations as below:

1. Conquering Hon Ba island

It is likely that the name Hon Ba is a little strange to many tourists, however, to the local people here, the island is considered “Da Lat in the middle of seaside town”. The top of Hon Ba looks like a fairy hiding in foggy forests. It will take you 2 hours to reach Hon Ba if you go from Nha Trang city. Hon Ba mount is 1.600m high over the sea level. In the hottest summer day, the temperature here is only 18 Celsius degree.

Going to Hon Ba, you can feel relax with the fresh air and immensely wild landscape. Hon Ba natural reserve possesses a diversified flora and fauna. The most famous place here is doctor A.Yersin’s woody house. According to notes, the house is the place doctor Yersin made research and plant the precious medicinal herbs.

Hon Ba is very suitable for family and friends picnic. Besides ecological tourism services, souvenir shops, bungalows are also built to serve tourists.

2. Going to Vietnam East Pole

East pole is ideal destination for adventure lovers. East Pole ( or Hon Dau), lies on Hon Gom peninsula, Van Ninh commune, 80km away from Nha Trang. You can go there by boat or motorbike.
It is a miserably hard but exciting itinerary with long road, high slopes and burning sand dunes and rocks aside the sea. After the difficult path, you will extremely happy when sea landscape gradually appear.

Reaching East pole, you can make camp, play on the white sand dune, go swimming or dive to see coral or make camp fire in the evening. The most expected moment is at sunrise when you can proudly stand in East pole to enjoy the very-first sun light of Vietnam territory.

3. Playing in Thach Lam stream – ecology and sport tourism

Thach Lam stream belonging to Cam Lam commune is the first ecological sport tourist area in Khanh Hoa province. It lies 20km away from Nha Trang city.

Thach Lam is granted with the natural cool stream surrounded by green grass and majestic mountain views. Especially, there is also the largest cherry orchard garden in Vietnam. Visiting Thach Lam stream in the cherry blossom season, you’ll be lost in a brilliant colorful garden and hard- to- resist beauty.

The tourist Area is suitable place to organize camping and group activities. There are also many exciting entertainment services for tourists such as fall kayaking, grass sliding, shooting paint, mini golf… There is also a countryside market where you can find many local dishes.

4. Experiencing Binh Ba island

Pristine Binh Ba Island with blue waters and fresh cool wind is nowadays becoming a popular destination attracting many sea lovers. Binh Ba is located in the city of Cam Ranh Bay, about 60km from Nha Trang. From Cam Ranh port, you just need to sail about 12 miles to the island.

Binh Ba sea is famous for the cool, clean, beautiful and safe beaches. Seafood here is great which is always fresh and plentiful, the most famous sea food of Binh Ba to mention is lobster. Binh Ba tourism is focusing on developing homestay services with many exciting experiences. Tourists will have the opportunities to visit the sea fish feeding area, try in night squid fishing, snorkel to see coral..

5. Exploring poetic peaceful Con Se Tre

Saying goodbye to daily worries, you will find quiet and serene moment in Con Se Tre. The tourist area lies in Hon Tra island and is designed followed the countryside style. From Nha Trang city, it only takes you 15 minutes to sail to Con Se Tre.
The first impression to visitor is everything from houses, chairs, tables, gardens and even restaurants on the island are made from bamboos. Simple but super-unique, Con Se Tre will bring you close and warm feelings.

Clean, safe beaches with smooth white sand and picturesque scenery, Con Se Tre is very suitable for relaxing, swimming, snorkeling, fishing, beach walking, canoe riding, and hiking … Especially, the resorts have ovens to serves seafood barbecue parties.

Hung Temple Festival – the sacred festival of Vietnamese in Phu Tho province

Hung Temple Festival is the largest festival of national commemoration of the Hung Kings had the nation building. Etiquette death anniversary of Hung Vuong has become a rich cultural tradition in our country. It is a national festival, and the entire population of Vietnam folk mind it carries the highest divinity. So the festival is held annually with the solemn rite national festival, with the pilgrims’ return to ethnic origin “of tens of thousands of people from around the country and overseas compatriots living abroad .. Hung temple Festival lasts from 8th to March 11th lunar calendar, which is the 10th Assembly. The festival takes place at the Hung Temple, Phu Tho.

Overview of Hung Temple Festival

Like all other festivals in North Delta, at the Hung Temple Festival is composed of two parts: Part celebration and part assembly.

Part priest celebrated a solemn ceremony intentional. Gifts offered are “born ceremony tam” (one pig, one goat and one cow), rice cake multicolored thick and sticky, antique brass instrument is the drums. After a while drums sounded, the official, excellent for offerings under the control of the celebrating. Next to the tools of the village elders around the local temple priest Hung in. Finally, the people and pilgrims travel to the priest in the temple, thought anniversary of the Hung Kings.

Thousand tourists come here to attend Hung Temple Festival

Hung Temple Festival is beautiful in the traditional customs of the Vietnamese people. And for a long time in the minds of folk, The land has become “sacred sanctuary” of the country, where the ethnic origins. Over the period of history but sometimes prevalent, but at failure Hung temple Festival has been held. this was demonstrated extraordinary bravery and brilliant civilization, deeply imbued with the people of Vietnam. the pilgrims on earth group had no religious discrimination just as people in Vietnam, their hearts are proud descendants of king Hung forever. Therefore, whoever is available Vietnam if the interest and desire for pilgrims on the earth Team themselves can make a legitimate aspiration that is easy and convenient.

Males in Phu Tho are showing the tradition of :Banh Chung”

Hung Temple Festival or death anniversary of Hung Vuong a festive gathering, praising the glory of the race, a symbol of community spirit. The opportunity to take a deep admiration for the fatherland, a deep-rooted belief in Vietnam minds whether they live in any public sky.

Pho – the famous, traditional , and delicous dish of Vietnam which attract both foreigners and Vietnamese people

Pho is a traditional dish of Vietnam, also can be considered as one of the most typical dishes for food Vietnam. The main components of the “Pho” is broth with beef or chicken, sliced thin. Also accompanying condiments such as soy sauce, pepper, lemon juice, fish sauce, chili, etc. These spices are added to taste of each user. Noodle dishes normally used for breakfast, or dinner. In the southern provinces of Vietnam, pho is furnished with additional module called herbs, onions, price and coriander leaves, basil, coriander which is characteristic of pho leaves. Usually beef noodle soup, but also chicken noodle soup, pho pork, shrimp.

“Banh Pho”

Water use is generally made of the bone tunnel, beef noodle soup for beef or chicken and spices including cinnamon, anise, ginger, cardamom, cloves, coriander, … “rice noodle” traditionally made from rice flour, coated with a thin sheet and cut into strands. Pho new hot food always delicious, however, to get the delicious noodle bowl depending on experience and know-how of professional cooking traditions

Today, Pho has processing methods and different flavors. In Vietnam, there are names to distinguish them is: Pho Bac (in the North), and Pho Saigon (in the south). Usually characterized by noodle north south, the salty taste was sweet.

Pho with beef

Noodle soup, broth processing stages, called broth, is the most important step. Traditional pho broth is to be security from bovine tibia with some spices. Bones must be washed, shaved meat off the bone sticking to the pot with boiling water. Bone broth for the first time to go to pour water from contaminated odor of cow bones, the broth was later used as soups. Grilled onions and ginger has also been added. Module is enabled large fire to boil water, the water was boiling, it must reduce the fire and began Skim. Once you have picked out the foam, add a little cold water and wait for the water to boil to continue to Skim … Just do so repeatedly until the water in the foam residue and no more. Then, for a little spice in and adjust the flame so that the pot of boiling water just to keep water from getting muddy and sweeteners from bones have enough time to melt into the broth. Delicious taste of water used mainly spices decision. However, the formula for each type of water used for each brand noodle is kept quite secret. Even so, may find spices include cardamom, ginger, star anise, cloves, coriander seeds, cinnamon stick, dried onion, peeled shrimp, cucumber and local tradition, indispensable ox tail.

Pho with chicken

The noodle shop Vietnam remains habits are rarely brought menus to customers that will have to choose what kind of noodle (eg beef noodle soup, chicken noodle soup …). Pho is placed in a bowl. Typically, these dining tables are numbered in service, which is available on chopsticks, spoons and the accompanying pho spices such as soy sauce, lemon juice, fish sauce, chili. One hundred percent of foreign tourists want to try “Pho” of Vietnam. Moreover, they like it very much.

Gentle and charming destinations in Kon Tum province

Unlike the intense afternoon in Buon Ma Thuot plateau or bustling wealthy appearance of Pleiku, Kon Tum city is merely a very small angle, very gentle, very slow as though holding a handful of red soil, they can smell sweet fragrance from that very intense color.

1. About Kon Tum province

Kon Tum province is the farthest northern province of the Central Highlands which has the border gate with Laos and Cambodia. Kon Tum is also known as Indochina intersection. In Ba Na language, Kon Tum means village in the lake area. In the past, it was a deserted land, a sparsely populated area, the village of Xo Dang, Ba Na, Gia Rai, Gie Triêng, B’Rau, R ‘Mam … scattered in different habitats.
You will find many interesting things in Kon Tum land
The center of Kon Tum province is Kon Tum city located in the south nearby Dak Bla River. It is about 600 km to reach here from Ho Chi Minh City and 215km from Quy Nhon city.

2. The most suitable time to visit Kon Tum

The climate of this region is similar to the other Highland’s provinces. December is also the most beautiful time for you to visit Kon Tum. This time is dry season but the weather is not hot as March and April. This is also the time of wild sunflowers blooming brilliantly and the festival season of many ethnic minority here.
Wild sunflowers in Kon Tum

3. The most favorite destinations in Kon Tum

Chu Mom Ray National Park
From Kon Tum about 30km to the west is Chu Mom Ray National Park located in Sa Thay and Ngoc Hoi district. This is a national park with the highest level of biological diversity among the national parks in Vietnam. Besides, this is also a region inhabited by ethnic minority such as H’Lang, Gia Rai, K’Dong, Ro Mam, Bo Rau – one of the ethnic minority with the minimum number of people in total 54 Vietnam ethnic groups. Traffic in the area is not convenient, therefore, the people going there are primarily teams of research and exploration.
Chu Mom Ray national park

Mang Den Ecotourism area

Situated at an altitude of over 1,000 meters above sea level, Mang Den is land of many landscapes with the cool climate all year round, the average temperature are always below 200C. Mang Den Tourism area is surrounded by primeval forests and immense pine forests along Highway 24. The forest coverage rate is above 80% with many lakes , waterfalls, rocky and beautiful scenery.

Green pine forest in Mang Den

Mang Den Ecotourism area is known as “Dalat of Kontum” and has been becoming the favorite destination of many tourists coming to Kon Tum.

Amazing waterfall in Mang Den

Wooden Kom Tum Cathedral

Located in the city center, Wooden Kon Tum Cathedral is located on Nguyen Hue Street. The cathedral was built in 1913 and was the combination of Roman architecture and style of the Ba Na people’s house in stilt. The material of the church is very familiar with residents in Highland: wood which make this construction become a religious works but distinctive for Highlands characters.

Kon Tum Wooden cathedral

Communal House Kon K’lor

Going to the end of Tran Hung Dao street, near the Dak Bla river bank, you will see the campus of the Communal House K’lor Kon. This is the largest traditional culture Communal House in the Highland. In the village, there are still many communal house of Ba Na residents with wooden columns and meticulous patterns, textures. The village also has gongs and dance team to serve the festival taking place in the communal House KonK’lor and to serve the large delegations.

Sunset at the top of Mandalay

Myanmar is one of the rare countries in the world which is bestowed breathtaking natural beauty and the tranquility unlike many bustling metropolises. Most destinations in Myanmar remain the spectacularly unspoiled condition.

Tourists come to Mandalay is to contemplate the ancient temples and pagodas. Some well-known sites can be named like the pagoda which preserves the Tipitaka set in stone, antique wooden pagoda Shwenandaw and ancient Mandalay castle. All of the journeys will be end with the picturesque moment of the sunset in the hilltop of the city.

Being located in the northeast of the city, Mandalay Hill is the sacred hill which is surrounded by many pagodas such as Kuthodaw, Sandamuni. Around 4pm, several cars and buses head to the hill. All people want to go early to choose the best place and enjoy the last moment of a day. The vehicles are required to stop near the hill so visitors would use the elevators and lifts instead to reach the summit of the hill.

The fact of not being hidden by the high-rise buildings makes the view more vibrant and splendid. Most hotels in Mandalay have the timetable of sunrise and sunset which make easier for tourist to follow. So do not miss your opportunity to admire the stately beauty of the landscape. This is also romantic scenery for couple and lovers who would like to experience a date under the sunset.

From atop of the hill, there is Sutaungpyei pagoda featuring mirror walls which reflect the sunshine and glisten the pagoda. Visitors are required to wear appropriately and modestly, walked barefoot when going to the pagoda as well as on the hill despite the hot or cold weather.

You do not have to pay anything at Mandalay Hill. Nonetheless, if you bring any video recording devices such as mobile phones and cameras, it would cost you 1,000 Kyats (around US$1).

The panoramic view of Mandalay under the poetic sunset is such a poetic and majestic experience. The light gradually turns from yellow to crimson covering the rooftop, raised buildings, the Shan mountains and the Irrawaddy River. It is absolutely must-do experience whenever you come to Mandalay.

Experience for cheap Myanmar tour

When knowing Myanmar tour experiences below, it will help you to have easier and more interesting trip. Especially, the useful information will help you save a lot of money to have an effective travel. Let’s look at these experiences during your trip

When should you visit Myanmar?

Myanmar has 3 seasons: autumn, rainy season and dry season. In which, the autumn is the most suitable one for traveling to Myanmar (from November to February) as it is less rainy and cooler. It is also good time for tourists but if traveling to Myanmar at that time, the price is often more expensive so to save money, you can visit in the off season

Ways to move to Myanmar

The most popular way for moving from Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City to Myanmar, you can buy air ticket of Vietnam Airlines to Yangon or by land from Thailand, Laos to Myanmar. . The round ticket price for the route from Hanoi to Yangon is about 6 – 7 million VND. If buying in the sales, you just pay half price compared to the initial one. Its total with tax is 2.7 million VND
Here are the experiences in terms of movement within Myanmar to cities and famous tourist destinations, where you can buy air tickets and inter-province bus fares

In domestic areas, you should take these cheap airline agencies below as reference:


Hotels in Myanmar

When traveling to Myanmar, the room price of hotels and motels are higher than that of other countries in Southeast region. With basic standard rooms, it ranges from 20 to 25 USD/room/night. You should walk around to find cheaper room and bargain

You ought to rent a room of the hotel or motel that is near the center to enable you to move around the city more conveniently

Currently, Agoda is considered as the world’s famous room booking website with useful and quick services saving up to 40% of room cost.

Some famous hotels in Myanmar with suitable price as well as beautiful and comfortable place to stay:

Inle Lake:

+ Inle Princess Resort
+ Shwe Inn Tha Floating Resort
+ Paramount Inle Resort


+ Chatrium Hotel Royal Lake Yangon
+ Inya Lake Hotel
+ Savoy Hotel


+ Blue Bird Hotel
+ Zfreeti Hotel
+ Bagan Thande Hotel, Old Bagan

Myanmar cuisine

Myanmar food is not difficult to eat but the cuisine is not typical. Thus, you should go to restaurants to enjoy specialties with a lot of choices. Popular dishes are bread with spices and much oil, curry and even Western ones

Some restaurant addresses:

+ Bagan: Queen Restaurant, Golden Emperor Restaurant, Moon Vegetarian, Myanmar Foods House, Harmony BBQ…
+ Inle Lake: Golden Kite, Smilling Moon, Green Chilli, Aurora…

Top Three Places for Balloon in Myanmar

Visitors go to Myanmar have the same desire: watch the ancient relics. If go with a local guider by horse cart, visitors will have a clear schedule to travel marked places. But if choose air balloon, they will have a total different way to enjoy the landscape of the region. Each place in Bagan has their own noticeable appearances, so it would be unfair to say where the most famous place is. The best way is spending 2-3 days to discover the region. But if you have a short bespoke Myanmar holiday, a trip by air balloon around the following places is highly recommended for time saving

Sulamani Guphaya Temple

In Myanmar, the name of the temple means “beautiful treasure.” Was built since 12th century, the temple stores on its walls many images, which were painted with ancient style. From time to time, the temple was serious damaged and after many time being recovered, it doesn’t keep the original architecture. However, it is still the most interesting place to be looked from the air balloon.

Ananda Phaya Temple

Being conserved carefully among many relics in Bagan, the temple still keeps its original design. Therefore, Ananda Phaya Temple catches the eyes of visitors from very first sight by its magnificent appearance. The temple has 4 gates that open to 4 directions. From the air balloon, visitors can notice its roof with epenthetic form, which symbolizes wisdom of the Buddha.

Visitors can buy very thin slices of gold to stick on the four Buddha statues in the temple. The statues have different forms and styles that are affected by Indian and Chinese Buddhism architectures.

Shwegu Gyi Temple

Was built in 12th century under the rule of King Alaung Shikhara, Shwegu Gyi Temple has another name: Nyaung – U Phaya. The temple is an attracting destination to bespoke Myanmar tours thanks to the sophisticated statues and carved images. It locates on a high platform made of brick so visitors can easily enjoy its beauty from the air balloon.

Shwesandaw temple

It is the best place in Bagan to watching sunrise and sunset. Having 5 floors, 4 opening sides with steps in each side, Shwesandaw is suggested by bespoken Myanmar holidays to be the place to watch the whole view of Bagan. Because the steps are sloped and high, the managers of the temples decided to construct a large steel tube as a corridor for visitor climbing.


Mong ethnic group

Mong ethnic group includes about 194,483 people. They have their own tradition of cultivation in stone fields such as rice, corn and other crops. Production of craft reaches a high level as weaving, knitting, wood working, forge. Traditional costume of women is very unique. A complete set includes skirt, blouse, coat sawing over chest with brassiere, waist, wrapped head scarf and legging. The skirt often is conical and splayed pleat. Maybe it is a tube skirt for wearing on the sides.

Traditional house is built from soil with three rooms. Main and side doors always open to the inside. Culture of Mong ethnic is a very rich treasure with the customs, rituals and believes. Each family has an own way to worship ancestors. There are several major ceremonies as worshiping door ghost, great ghost with a diversity of content, decoration, arrangement of a ceremonial place. It is much diversified and complex.

Literature and art of Mong ethnic group express the sense of community; issues of nature, society and history. Prominent among those is love melodies expressed in pan, flute… Decoration in the skirt contains colorfully butterflies, snakes, flowers. All of them are invaluable assets of Mong ethnic people and preserved from generation to another.

Dao ethnic group

Dao people live in Ha Giang about 95,959 people. They work in agriculture on terraced fields. They also have own crafts as making jewelry, embroidering flower on a fabric by beeswax and so on. Local people mainly live in houses of stilts nearby river or stream.

Their costume has many traditional elements such as color pattern. Spiritual culture is very complex expressing conception and spiritual consciousness of Dao ethnic community. Worship and magic are their own aspects with deep culture. Literature includes myths, tales, poems, folk stories, which reflects the community’s perception of the universe, human and worldview.

Tay ethnic group

They live near mountainside or riverside and cultivate rice, corn… Family crafts increasingly develop like knitting, manufacturing farm equipment, furniture and ceramic. They mainly weave blankets, towels with colorful pattern.

They live in houses on stilts. Traditional costume is indigo, raven beak towel, silver rings. Spiritual culture is much diversified with unique rituals and sacrificial offerings related to production and human life circle, wedding, funeral and new home. Folklore is a treasure of all kinds of myth, tale and poem.

Nung ethnic group

They live primarily in water husbandry with high farming technique. Ranching is quite developed. Their own crafts are forging, casting, basketry, carpentry, making paper, especially the weaving.

Nung people often live in the valley near river or stream. They live in large houses on stilts. In each house, they worship their own ancestors in main room. Their costume is dyed indigo. Nung ethnic group does not hold anniversary of death, instead, they will make birthday for people over fifty years. Most famous folklore is Sli melody that is the way of love between young men and women.

Giay ethnic group

They mainly live with agriculture. Main crafts are weaving and knitting. Their costume is very simple with a few patterns. Architecture of Giay ethnic is house on stilts, worship room is the middle. When someone dies, family must take a funeral. Their folklore is very plentiful with poem, melody, proverb, idiom… Their life is very happy and spiritual.

La Chi ethnic group

This ethnic group only includes over 10 thousand of people. They mainly cultivate rice, corn, potato… They are very good at cultivation in terraced fields. Their village is located on high mountainside. Traditional costume of La Chi ethnic is simple with indigo color. Their folklore is very rich with stories about resources of human, ethnic, the sun, and paddy. In each festival, there are many folk games such as throwing ball through the ring, swinging, and especially singing “Ni ca”.

The above-mentioned things are just a small part of culture of six popular ethnic groups in Ha Giang. They still have many unique traditions to learn, research and explore. Other ethnic groups such as Pu Peo, Lolo, Phu La… also have own culture and spiritual life to make Ha Giang province more diversified, beautiful and colorful.

Flipping In and Out of Haiti – Reaching and Departing

The island of Hispaniola has attracted many travelers due to its fantastic tropical climate and the heart throbbing mountainous scenery. Departing and arriving at Haiti is very simple for a naive traveler. The simplest method to reach Haiti is through the airplane or a cruise ship.Few travelers reach Haiti after visiting Cuba or the Dominican Republic, which are the neighboring Caribbean countries.

Port-au-Prince is an International Airport in Haiti (named after the Capital city) that gives a warm welcome to all the travelers. This Airport is served by many International Airlines, which runs - to and fro every day. Port-au-Prince International Airport is officially called as Toussaint Louverture International Airport in Haiti.

After arriving at the Airport, the tourist can reach to their hotel destination through shuttle or a taxi. Renting a car is a good option as it is readily available near the Airport, but public transport in Haiti is reported to be very efficient, rather than hiring a car. The most popular form of public transport in Haiti is the ‘Tap Tap’ taxi, which is a brightly painted pickup taxi-truck. It has a capacity of 20-30 people, which is often filled with the maximum capacity.

The visitors, who reach Haiti from Dominican Republic, have two options to enter Haiti - one through the North end and other through the South end. The crossing at the south of Haiti is located in the city of Port-au-Prince. Travelers, who wish to stay in Haiti or travel through the Airport, prefer to stay in this city, as it has easy access to the airport. There is a departure tax in Haiti for travelers who wish to travel between locations. This tax is normally inexpensive and it is charged as a general traveling fee and standard airfare.

Fabulous Climate of Haiti has fantasized many Voyagers Since Past!

Haiti enjoys the fantastic Caribbean climate which has attracted many voyagers since decades! The charm has been often discussed in the literatures in past, which has fantasized many travelers around the world. Haiti has a tropical hot and humid climate, which is characterized by the diurnal variation of temperature that is higher than the annual variation. The temperature varies as the altitude modifies. Haiti experiences spectacular two rainy seasons and sultry nights.

Dry season is experienced from November to January, which is then interrupted by the flow of the North Wind that often carries drizzle and fog in the country. The weather becomes very wet from February to May, as the Northeast trade winds carries rain to Haiti. The mountains in the East, tends to cut off the trade winds, resulting semiarid condition in the mountainous region.

The rainfall varies in every region of Haiti. Some lowland areas or mountain slopes experiences heavy rainfall. The hurricane season lasts during June and October, which is associated with several storms, hurricanes and floods. There are two rainy seasons, one during April to June and the other from October to November.

The rain is unevenly distributed with an average annual rainfall of 140 centimeters to 200 centimeters. Heavy rain is normally poured in the mountainous region, Northern Plains and the Southern Peninsula. In the Northern Peninsula, the rainfall starts decreasing from east to west. In the Western coast, the climate is relatively dry from the capital city Port-au-Prince to the Northern Peninsula. Moderate precipitation is experienced in the Central region of Haiti. The temperatures in the lowland areas are normally high, ranging from 25 ˚C to 35 ˚C in the summer and 15 ˚C to 25 ˚C during the winter.

Geography of Haiti ‘The Remarkable Caribbean Island’

Haiti is a beautiful country of the size of 27,750 square kilometers, which is located in the Caribbean island of Hispaniola. It occupies the Western fraction of the La Isla Española (Hispaniola Island). Haiti has two enchanting peninsulas, which is separated by Ile de la Gonâve landscape. The country is horseshoe shaped and it is of the size of the State of Maryland.

There are three primary mainland regions in Haiti, the Northern region, the Central region and the Southern region. Many nearby small Islands are also controlled by the Government of Haiti. The Northern peninsula of Haiti is bordered by the Windward Passage, a channel of water that separates the Hispaniola Island and Cuba. Beautiful distant view of the Cuban Island can be grasped, which is ninety kilometers away from Haiti. Dominican Republic borders the Eastern edge of the country.

The 388 kilometers of Eastern border is partly formed by the Massacre River in the North, and Pedernales River in the South.The Northern region comprises of Northern peninsula, which includes Northern Massif (Massif du Nord) and Northern Plain (Plaine du Nord). Massif du Nord is a Central mountain range that extends from the Dominican Republic. In Haiti, this mountain range begins at the Eastern border of the country, from the North of Guayamouc River. Through the Northern peninsula, this range extends towards the Northwestern end, with varying altitudes between 600 meters to 1,100 meters. Plaine du Nord is located between the North Atlantic Ocean and Massif du Nord. It is 30 kilometers wide and 150 kilometers long, spreading almost 2,000 square kilometers of the lowland area.

The Central region includes two sets of mountain ranges and two plains. The Central Plateau (Plateau Central) is thirty kilometers wide and it starts from Southeast of the country towards the Northwest. It runs along both sides of the Guayamouc River from the South of Massif du Nord. Montagnes Noires lies towards the Southwest of the Central Plateau, which rises up to 600 meters. Montagnes du Trou d'Eau lies towards the South of this plain, basically, an extension of Sierra de Neiba range that extends from the Dominican Republic.

The Southern region includes mountainous Southern peninsula and Plaine du Cul-de-Sac, which is a twelve kilometers wide natural depression. The mountains in the Southern peninsula are the extension of the mountain chain from Dominican Republic. The highest peak of this mountain range in Haiti is approximately 2,715 meters.

Haitian territory includes few Islands of distinguishable size which are Ile à Vache, Grande Cayemite, Tortuga Island (Ile de la Tortue) and Ile de la Gonâve. Grande Cayemite lies toward the North of Southern peninsula. Ile à Vache is situated towards the South of the Southern peninsula. Ile de la Tortue is stituated towards the North of the Northern peninsula, which is separated by a twelve kilometer channel from the city of Port-de-Paix. Ile de la Gonâve is fifteen kilometers wide and sixty kilometers long with hills rising up to the heights of 760 meters.

Rich and Fascinating History of Haiti

Haiti has a long, interesting and rich colonial history. This Island near Central America was initially occupied by the Taino and the Arawak tribes. When Christopher Columbus arrived, the Spanish conquered the Island and made several developments in Haiti. Later, the French and the British settled in the country and expanded their colonization.

Independence was soon achieved by the Haitians fantastically, which soon became an inspirational and motivational factor for many countries.

Haiti has a diverse culture and history as it is a mix of Spanish, French, English and the Africans. The native language of Haiti, called as Creole is developed by blending Spanish and French languages. In 1609, the Spanish King sent forces to encroach City of Santo Domingo, the Capital of Haiti, which further led French, British and the Dutch pirates to establish their base in Haiti. They occupied the Western and the Northern coasts, which was deserted for long time. The Spanish transported lot of Africans for plundering Silver and Gold from the Island. In 1625, the French started expanding in Haiti and finally conquered the Island in 1664. They named their colony as Saint-Domingue.

In 1791, the slaves from Northern region started revolution against their masters, which initiated the revolution in Haiti. This revolution began at Cap-Haitien (formerly known as Cap-Francais), led by Toussaint Louverture, who was also called as the ‘Black Napoleon’. In 1794, his forces defeated the French. He joined his forces with the French army and under his command; they defeated the Spanish and the British forces. Their association soon came to an end in 1802. Toussaint Louverture was deceived and captured. As a rebellion, he passed away leaving the revolution leadership in the hands of General Jean-Jacques Dessalines and General Henri Christophe.

Dessalines’s army defeated the French on November 18, 1803 by winning the Battle of Vertieres. Official independence was declared on January 1, 1804. Haiti was governed by several Presidents, until the US invasion in the 1915. Under the rebel leadership of Dominique Batraville and Charlemange Peralte, the nationalist fought against US and finally succeeded in 1934.

Port au Prince

The capital city of Haiti, Port au Prince is the focal point in the map of Haiti attracting tourists from across the world. The pristine and entrancing beaches and the picturesque gulf allure the visitors. It’s not only the fun on the beach but a lot more on the way than one expects. Port au Prince has it all – sightseeing, excursions, nightlife, shopping and cruising – all that one anticipates when setting on for a vacation.

The beautiful capital city is located on the Gulf of Gonave. The international airport of Port au Prince is well-connected to most of the Caribbean cities. There are many flights plying between Port au Prince and the Caribbean. So gaining access to this place is very easy. The city experiences a tropical and wet climate with the temperature remaining more or less the same throughout the year.

Port au Prince has numerous sites to visit that are simply overwhelming and remarkable. St. Trinity Cathedral showcases some of the beautiful murals and paintings featuring the tradition of local voodoos and the Christian creed. There are some other places highlighting the glory and the culture of this country and Museum of Haitian Art is one amongst them. Notre-Dame Cathedral, Musée d'Art Haïtien du Collège St. Pierre, Santa Maria ship and the Musée Nationale are few places that are worth visiting.

The beach at the Port au Prince offers a range of water sports and adventure activities like swimming, boating, snorkeling, diving and so on and so forth. Many tourists go for cruise excursions to the neighboring cities like Petionville and Les Cayes that have their own charm. Like other Caribbean cities, the nightlife in Port au Prince features the characteristic beach culture. Petionville, a suburb is the best place to enjoy an exciting nightlife. Some nightclubs and bars are also there in the city to hang out and make the most of it.

No vacation can be complete without shopping. There are numerous shops in Fermathe that sell exquisite handicrafts. Embroidered Haitian clothing, iron works, woodcarvings and wooden bowls are the souvenirs the tourists usually buy here. Visit the exotic Port au Prince and spend your holiday in a Caribbean way.

Accommodations in Haiti “known for friendly staff and superior service”

The enchanting and scenic Haiti, a part of Caribbean Islands, has emerged as a beautiful holiday destination over the years. Due to the rapid growth in tourism, an array of hotels has been developed for tourists to spend their vacation in Haiti. The wide range of resorts and hotels offer world class amenities and service to make Haiti tour a wonderful experience. The lush culture, vivid scenery, rich history, traditional music and exotic art of Haiti attract worldwide tourists.

Accommodations in Haiti are classified in to three star, four star and five star hotels, villas and resorts. Most of them are located in to the heart of the city or near beach or in the mountainous region. They offer all modern amenities designated for every traveler visiting Haiti for spending vacations, honeymoon or a business trip. Modern amenities and all sorts of modern facilities are offered with varying budget. One can choose the accommodation according to the budget and need as numerous budget and deluxe hotels are available in Haiti.

The recreation options are really overwhelming in Haiti, as some of the resorts and villas offer game rooms and swimming pools along with the fantastic in-house restaurant that serves exotic drinks and tasty food, suitable for every visitor. Haitian hotels and resorts are known for good service and friendly staff, which makes the Haitian tour simpler and comfortable.

Some of the accommodations are gifted with incredible scenic views of the surrounding landscapes, sea or the beach, which will energize the viewers. Villas are private rooms that give fantastic view from the attached balcony.

Some of the popular resorts and hotels in Haiti are:
Wahoo Bay Beach Hotel, Mont Joli, la Villa Creole, El Rancho Hotel, Hotel Montana, Kinam Hotel, Cormier Plage, Kyona Beach, Kaliko Beach Club, Club Mediterranee, Roi Christophe, Village Labadie, Moulin Sur Mer, Hotel Cyvadier, Coconut Villa, Visa Lodge and many more.

Night Life in Haiti ‘the fun begins even after the sunset’

A rich colonial history and tradition has transformed Haiti in to an exclusive travelling destination. This diversity has caught the attention of worldwide tourists, promoting rapid tourism in Haiti. Balancing the world tourism culture, Haiti has witnessed rapid growth in the tourism destinations, restaurants and Night life activities.

After visiting the wonderful Haitian and Caribbean destination, travelers have plenty of options to enjoy and experience the night life in Haiti. The mesmerizing and vibrant Haitian night life attracts eager tourists.

Night life in Haiti revolves around different cultures as this county is a perfect mix of diverse cultures. Initially, it was a home for Taino tribes and Arawak Natives, which was further colonized by Spanish, who bought lot of Africans in to the country for gold mining. Later, the French and the British invaded the country, spreading their culture in Haiti. Hence, the present culture what Haiti possesses, is a blended culture within the Caribbean Islands.

Night life is wonderful in Haiti, especially after enjoying the natural spots and destinations in sun. The fun does not die even after the sunset. Haiti offers huge varieties in eating and drinking, right from the small hotels to the expensive restaurants. Apart from serving food and drink, many hotels concentrated in providing night entertainment in their hotel, especially in the weekends. One could enjoy the exclusive African drums, casinos, exotic dances, western and the local music.

Haiti offers tasty food and fascinating places to dine that offers blended Continental and Caribbean ambiance. Some of the popular restaurants are Café Marabou at Petion ville, Café des Arts at Petionville, Beyrouth at Petionville, Aux Cosaques at Port-au Prince and Au Coin des Artistes at Petion-ville.

Petionville offers few bars that are opened till late night as many working foreigners residing in Haiti, frequently visit these places. Some of the wonderful nightclubs and discos are Crystal Palace Dancing, Caramel in Petionville, The Regency, Hotel Olaffson and Barak. Some of the charming hotels to enjoy night life in Haiti are Kinam Hotel, Kalika Beach Club, Cornier Plage and Hotel Montana. Barbancourt Rum Distillery is also a good place to experience Rum, which is the drink of the Island. Few restaurants also offer French wine. Dance bars in Haiti offers great charm for the night-revelers.

Shopping in Haiti is one of the greatest Attraction

Shopping is a fabulous affair, an excellent way to explore Haitian culture. It offers several destinations and market places across the country, with diversified culture. Passing through the busy streets and markets, is an absolute vivacious experience. Haiti is renowned for its amazing artistic products and painting styles. Many visitors cannot stop visiting the real artists, after getting amused by their brilliant works in the classy galleries and the museums.

A range of shopping destinations and markets are available, which are rich in traditional and artistic products of Haiti. It can be termed as a shopping paradise for tourists who came to witness the beauty of the Island. Apart from shopping and sightseeing, tourists are welcomed by the Haitians, to participate in the numerous fun-filled activities, so that they can enjoy the lively and colorful festivals featured at various vibrant spots.

One could take an ample opportunity to visit and discover the sumptuous bars and restaurants that are specially designed to promote tourism. One could enjoy spending quality time in Haiti, by exploring the art galleries and markets that reflect the powerful and refreshing style of the exotic art and culture.

Popular Venues of Haiti:

  • Here is the list of famous Venues in Haiti, for an exclusive and ultimate shopping experience:
  • Atelye Kreyol
  • Ateliers Calalou
  • Astrodesigns
  • Jerusalem Armenian Ceramic Tiles
  • Antique shop
  • Ambiance
  • AM Jade Co
  • All things Anime
  • Action Dancewear
  • Rwustik Candles
Apart from the above mentioned venues, Haiti has numerous designated shops, which are specialized for exclusive commodities. Iron Market and Artisan’s Market are the biggest markets, which worth visiting, as they are very famous across the country.

Iron Market (The Largest Market):

This market is located in the Port-au-Spain, the capital city of Haiti. It is really a great and exciting spot to explore and purchase the best local Haitian items such as jewelries, seed necklaces, straw hats, leather works, printed fabrics, carvings, wooden items, steel products, etc. This market is always overcrowded by tourists, as it offers plenty of items for enviable personal collection. Some of the exclusive articles and artistic products available in this market could turn out to be a souvenir of an excellent Caribbean tour. One of the most famous Haitian articles is the ‘nife painting’, which is available in great varieties in the Iron Market. This market has a great scope for bargainers, which is often a vogue while shopping.

Artisan’s Market (The Great Shopping Destination):

Artisan’s Market is located in the fantastic settings of the beach compound, in the city of Cap-Haïtien. It is famous for beautiful handcrafted art and local craft products, which are available in great varieties. One could not stop drinking the coffee at this market, which is of superb quality. The national drinks such as Cognac and the Rhum Barbancourt, are equally famous in this market, which are worth tasting!

Haiti Cuisine ‘A Blend of African, French and Taino Amerindians’

Haiti, a Spanish and French speaking country, is different than the rest of the Caribbean Islands, in several ways. One of the drastic changes that Haiti possesses from its counterparts is its Cuisine, which is influenced by French, Spanish, Africans and the native Taino Cuisine techniques.The historical culinary styles that have been possessed through various ethnic groups of Haiti, is blended together to form a unique and a native cooking style, which has appealed to many tourists, since past.

The eating tradition of Haitians led in the increase of many restaurants and bars across the country. The exotic dining horizons and the culinary activities are so wide spread that, it is almost impossible to taste all of them in single visit to Haiti. The surrounding sea offers varied range of fresh and new items that are both tasty and healthy. Haiti is a country where one can find great variety of vegetarian and non vegetarian food that will delight every visitor. Every corner of Haitian kitchen is adequately filled up with pasta, pork, lamb, beef and chicken. Haitians consumes meats and vegetables extensively, with herbs and pepper for enhancing flavor. The food is moderately spicy, not too hot, and not too mild.

Many of foreign origin businesses have been established in Haiti over the years, which have also introduced numerous foreign cuisines merging it with the traditional Haitian cuisines. Some of the popular Haitian dishes are listed below:
  • Guinea Hen (with sauce made from orange)
  • Dried Turkey (Tassot de Dinde)
  • Fried island Pork (Grillot)
  • Black mushrooms with Rice (Diri et djondjon)
  • Peas and rice (Riz et pois)
  • Lobster (Langouste flambe)
  • Herbs and sauce of onions (Ti malice)
  • Piment oiseau (hot sauce)
  • Island bananas and pork chops (Grillot et banane pese)
  • Potato puddings (Sweet in taste)
  • Mango pie
  • Ice cream made up of coconut
  • Nuts, cashews and other island fruits


Haitians are fond of desserts, which is normally made from granulated sugar and sugarcane. The taste ranges from mildly to horribly sweet. ‘Fresco’ is one of the popular desserts that are sold locally by the street vendor. It is very sweet fruit syrup, moderately thick; similar to the Italian Ice. ‘Piene Patte’ is sweet and soft bread, made from sweet potatoes and evaporated milk. ‘Akasant’ is a thick milkshake made from corn. ‘Meat pattie’ is a very famous appetizer, which is a crust of crispy bread.

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The world second largest Ringing Bell – Mingun

Tailormade Myanmar holiday is famous of magnificent golden pagodas and pious Buddhists. Among them, the complex of temples stays around Mingun village in the urban of Mandalay is one of the promising destinations.

Mingun Villages stays in the north of Mandalay and it was separated from the city by Ayeyawadi River. In Mingun, a ringing bell and a couple of Chinthe Statues are famous relics, and they are considered as sacred treasure to be protected by local people.

Ayeyawadi River

Chinthe was an animal (half lion, half dragon) that only exists in the legend. In Mingun, there is a gigantic couple of Chinthe Statues standing on the river bank as guarding the village. It was spoke that when earthquake happened, the people could stay inside Chinthe’s mouth. A Chinthe could keep ten people in his mouth and thanks to them, the village could survive after natural disaster.

In Mingun Villages, an invaluable temple was built as an evidence of true love from King Bagyidaw to his wife Hsinbyuma. It is Hsinbyuma Temple – a beautiful temple was constructed after the appearance of Meru Mountain and seven surrounding hills. Visitors can see the temple on every guidebook for tailormade Myanmar holiday.

If Hsinbyuma brings visitors the thought of looking at a beautiful woman, Mingun Temple amazes them by its overwhelmed appearance. In prosperous period under the rule of King Bodawpaya, thousands of slaves and prisoners of war were forced to work in constructing the temple in 1790. King Bodawpaya directly managed the construction and he required best architects to design the platform of the temple. Each direction of Mingun is 150 meter in length and the temple was planned to reach the height of 170 meter. There is only one step on the southeast of the temple to the top and from that visitors can capture the overview of Mingun Village.

Relic of Mingun Temple

The King Bodawpaya died in 1819 before the building of the temple finished and after that, a harsh earthquake in 1839 destroyed the temple, especially at the top. However, after two centuries, Mingun Temple still keeps its unique architecture. It is named as one of the most beautiful undone relics in the world and a sacred place of pilgrimage of Buddhists.

Not far from Mingun Temple stands Mingun Bell – the second largest bell in the world (the first one belongs to Moscow but it was broken). In 1808, King Bodawpaya created the bell to use in Mingun temple but his plan couldn’t come true. The 1838 Earthquake broke the hanger and it was recovered by English people. The bell is 5 meter in diameter and 4 meter in height.

Most favorite restaurants in Bagan ancient city, Myanmar

When traveling to Myanmar, food is one of your top concern. BBQ Harmony, Queen Restaurant, Golden Emperor in Bagan is one of the most favorite restaurants with a lot of compliments

Bagan is one of the lands that any tourists will pay a visit when traveling to Myanmar. Bagan is ancient, mysterious, familiar but strange. Coming to Bagan, beside visiting pagodas and taking photos of the dawn and sunset, many tourists will not miss the specialties

BBQ Harmony

To BBQ Harmony, as its name, the restaurant is most famous for the BBQ dishes. There are different BBQ dishes for you to choose including pork, beef, chicken, goose, fish, seafood and vegetables with the price range from 1.000 to 3.000kyat

One more special thing is the waiters of the restaurant. They are the young, friendly and humorous men.

After choosing the BBQ dishes, the customers will grill it right in place. You can order hot steamed rice to eat with. The dipping sauce is pretty delicious and suitable with Vietnamese people

Queen Restaurant

Queen Restaurant serves the customers with European and Asian dishes such as Chinese food, Italian food, Thailand’s food or Myanmar’s food. The way to cook dishes is quite quick but they are hot and delicious. The menu is diverse with many specialties of many countries such as Chinese roasted duck, noodle and pizza, Thailand’s Tom Yum soup or BBQ dish. The space is wide, clean and clear

The price of some dishes as reference:

Myanmar’s tea leaf salad: 1.000kyat

Fried chicken: 5.000kyat

Roasted duck: 5.500kyat

Pizza with tomato, mushroom and cheese: 5.500kyat

Carbonara spaghetti: 4.00kyat

Roasted chicken as piece (5 peaces): 5.000kyat

Steak beef: 6.500kyat

Fruit juice: 1.000kyat

Milkshake: 1.500 – 2.000kyat

Myanmar beer: 1.800kyat

Tiger beer: 2.000kyat

Golden Emperor

Golden Emperor which is near BBQ Harmony and serve the similar dishes to Queen Restaurant. However, they have some vegetable dishes. Golden Emperor is also the restaurant certified by the global tourism website TripAdvisor

Prices of some dishes as reference:

Myanmar beer: 1.200kyat

Tiger beer: 1.200kyat

Russian salad: 2.500kyat

Special salad: 3.500kyat

Myanmar chicken soup: 3.500kyat

Vegetable soup: 1.500kyat

Hawaiian pizza: 5.000kyat

Carbonara spaghetti and Bolognaise: 4.000kyat

Burgur bread: 4.000kyat

Steak: 7.000kyat

Golden Myanmar (Myanmar Food House)

This restaurant is located near Ananda pagoda in Bagan. You can enjoy the traditional buffet of Myanmar people with the price of about 3.000kyat/person. The lime juice is 1.500kyat/glass

One buffet of Myanmar people will have dishes cooked from pork, beef, soup and salad, which are traditional meals. The food in Myanmar is nearly similar to Vietnamese one but it is little oily and typical curry flavor

The Moon

The Moon is in the second rank in the list of popular restaurants in Bagan by TripAdvisor. The main dishes here are vegetables dishes cooked cleverly. Around the restaurant, there is a garden with the big trees so that tourists can take a rest

Remember to eat special cream as dessert in this restaurant.

Discover street markets in Myanmar

The sunshine turning from bright gold color to sapphire blue embraces all the ways of many crowded markets in the capital of Myanmar, Yangon. Besides Bogyke market – one of the most well-known Myanmar tourist attractions, there are many others, especially the markets locate on the street. Visitors choose to visit the street market to discover local activities and try tropical food.

Meat, fruits and vegetables are collected from nearby farms. Farmers in surrounded regions also bring their products to the street markets. 

When wandering around, tourists can savor the scent of ribbon-tied jasmines which are sold often for housewives and passengers. Not just that but people can also catch the whiffs of fresh fishes and meat. Like in other places, the street markets in Yangon provide all essential food and goods, from eggs, cheese to Thanaka cream, which is often used by native people as sun cream.

Visitors can easily find small handwritten paper boards, which contain the price on the stalls. 

These street markets are potential Myanmar tourist attractions, with the air full of jasmine fragrance and the roads full of stalls. Standing next to the sellers may be the sacks filled with white rice or the bamboo baskets containing carrots, plastic bowls or many varied types of fruit and vegetables.

Taking a further look, tourists could see the flashing lights emitted from the cans. They are from the stalls where fishes are piled on banana leaves. The bright yellow turmeric, which is used often for flavoring and coloring in Asian dishes, are sold nearby.

Chili powder, peppers and other spices from the tropical country are sold in stalls at streets markets. Visitors can even find Thanaka – a secret beauty recipe of Myanmar people.

The street markets seem to be bustling with many shoppers, who are at different ages, with different styles, like a man wearing monk robe and carrying newspapers and a plastic bag of bean sprouts, or a group of men having tatoos on their bodies, wearing T-shirts and Burmese traditional dresses. They are busy of buying necessary items or, simply finding some snacks to satisfy the hunger. The street markets, as well as other Myanmar tourist attractions, show all the modest beauty of Myanmar culture and tourists can only perceive them, when experiencing themselves.

10 wonderful archaeological places you should visit in Asia

Bagan in Myanmar, Great Wall in China, Angkor Wat in COmbodia… are the wonderful places you should not miss in your trip

Terra-cotta Army, China

Recognized as a world heritage in 1987 by UNESCO, Terra-cotta Army of China is truly one of the attractive and visit-worthy archaeological wonders. It is the second popular tourist destination in China, catching tourists’ curiosity by the unique collections of clay sculptures with different sizes depicting the strong army of Quin Shi Huang – the first king of China

Ayutthaya, Thailand

Ayutthaya is Thailand’s capital city which holds historical values, valuable relics and temples such as Phom Phet – Sanphet Praset’s palace, Wat Thammikarat, Wat Suwan Dararam, Wat Na Phra Men, Wat Mahatgat, Wat Phra si Sanphet… In addition, Ayutthaya has many beautiful and modern buildings like Bang Pa-in palace, foreign offices, Chao Sam Phraya national museum

Ajanta cave, India

Cringe itself inside the remote riverbank valley, Ajanta cave has 12 Buddhism temples built in the beginning of 2nd century B.C. The cave is known as a “conservation area” of the most typical Buddhism masterpieces in India

Petra, Jordan

Petra is famous for a treasure of archaeology capturing all senses of most tourists by the splendid historical relics such as monuments, temples and tombs of Nabataean people

Great Wall, Beijing, China

Although there is few archaeological places on land, Great Wall can compete the “crown” for China about its grandiosity and immensity. Wonderful, pleasant and inspiring are what you can use to describe this famous place. This work becomes the greatest feat of arms on technique in the history

Bagan, Myanmar

When traveling to Myanmar, you will know that Bagan is considered as the special “treatment” for those who like peaceful feeling, sightseeing and photo taking. With many sophisticated Buddhism relics including monasteries, towers, pagodas and temples, it becomes the top wonderful archaeological place in Myanmar

Ellora, Maharashtra, India

Ellora, Maharashtra, also called Verul Leni, is a strange but wonderful scene complex on temples in the cave according to Buddha and Hindu. It was built from 6th century to 10th century A.C. Ellora cave seems to be as undramatic and unpleasant with eyes as Ajanta cave but it still attracts more than 1 million of tourists annually for visiting and discovering the sophisticated and unique sculptures

Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Not only is Angkor Wat one of Asian top archaeological places but also world’s famous wonder. Coming to here, you can sightsee and explore lots of great relics and temples decorated and sculptured cleverly as Bayon and Angkor Wat

Gedong Songo, Semarang, Indonesia

This place is famous for the eye-catchy temples and wonderful one for discovering nature as well as experiencing ideal outdoor activities

Borobudur, Magelang, Indonesia

With bright sunset scene, mysterious relics and the large temples, Borobudur becomes the perfect place for Buddhists, local people and tourists to visit.

Things few tourists know about Myanmar

When traveling to Myanmar, tourists will realize that Myanmar people do not use chopsticks or spoons as they thought. Myanmar people just use hands to eat.

It is very interesting to get experiences in Myanmar; however, most of tourists traveling to Myanmar do not get thoughtful feelings and some untrue information about the country. Thus, this article will help all readers to understand Myanmar

Myanmar is the country having much minerals but they are not gold. Myanmar is famous for the world’s best gems such as ruby, marble. The extremely big marble blocks are used for making the big Buddha statues. Myanmar are Buddhists so it is common to contribute money, gold and gems to build the pagoda.

When traveling to Myanmar, tourists can see that there are many pagodas and temples, whether small or big. Almost pagodas have the gilded top to show the prosperity. In contrast, the life of Myanmar people living around the pagodas are very poor with low income and bad quality roads. What you see and feel is just the “front” of the country and where you take photos is just the small but brightest part

Myanmar’s traditional dishes are not as what you said because not every dishes have tofu, especially soy bean. Myanmar’s cuisine is the fusion of Indian, Thailand’s and Chinese cuisines. Specifically, Myanmar people do not use chopsticks and spoons as we do to eat. They just use their hands. Therefore, many tourists only come to the places specializing for the foreigners

Bus is the dominant means of transport in the traffic system of Myanmar. Because majority of the disadvantaged people cannot buy cars, bus becomes the most effective transport. The fare is very reasonable for local people thanks to the state’s financial support so in rush hours, it is common to see that the bus is always crowded

Myanmar government always encourages local people to keep their own identity. They still wear traditional costume when going out. Women apply Thanakhan powder for make-up. Many men chew betel.

Myanmar is the country put an embargo on in many years due to different reasons so it is not still under-developing. Most of Myanmar people thought that the goods in supermarkets are imported from Thailand but in fact, 50% of goods are imported from Vietnam. You can verify if you walk around the large supermarket in the city center. As they cannot read Vietnamese, they thought it as Thailand’s.

A Winter Weekend in Sa Pa

Sa Pa is one of the most popular destinations in Vietnam. It’s for sure the most famous mountainous region in Vietnam – for a good reason. In Sa Pa you can find the famous rice terraces and meet different ethnic minorities such as the H’Mong or the Dao. The French colonialists already built this charming little town in the northern mountains as a retreat. In the hot summer in Hanoi they came here to enjoy the fresh and cool climate of the mountains. But why should you visit Sa Pa in the cold winter?

Sa Pa is very different in winter, but it’s well worth seeing it. In winter, the rice terraces are brown instead of green, but the atmosphere is even more quiet and peaceful, everything slows down. Instead of working in the fields, families sit together at the fireside to keep warm. Similar to the Western world, this is a time to get together and calm down, although here Christmas is not the reason for this.

The weather in winter can be very different. Days can be very cold but still have sunshine and blue sky. The views this clear cold air offers you on the mountains are unmatched. On other days it’s rainy and misty. The foggy valley of Sa Pa is covered in a mystical atmosphere. And very seldom it can even have snow, a unique thing you cannot experience in other places in Vietnam. A winter weekend in Sa Pa is always full of surprises. It’s even possible to have all these different weathers within only one day!

Not only concerning the atmosphere and the weather Sa Pa is different in winter. Usually we would recommend you to stay in a homestay to meet the ethnic minorities and experience the local life. However, local houses are not heated very well and although it would be an experience, it would be a cold one. Exotic Voyages suggests you to stay at the Victoria Hotel Sa Pa, the only luxury hotel in town. This hotel is built in a beautiful French chalet style and thrones on top of a hill with stunning views on the town and the valley. It’s only 5 minutes walking from the hotel to the famous church of Sa Pa, the hotel even offers a shuttle service up and down the hill with an e-car. Every room has views on the garden and the mountains and in the lobby and restaurant you find romantic open fireplaces, which help to keep you warm on cold winter days. Foggy and rainy days are best to be enjoyed while relaxing during a massage or in the Sauna of the Victoria Hotel Sa Pa, the Spa really is excellent!

Even for food you don’t even have to leave the hotel, the restaurant is considered to be one of the best in town. Enjoy the great variety and mixture of local food from the mountains as well as French Cuisine. For a winter weekend in Sa Pa Exotic Voyages has one more special tip for you: Cheese Fondues! Unique in Sa Pa you can order a great Cheese Fondues the hotel restaurant. It’s not traditional Vietnamese food? Agreed, however the hotel and the atmosphere in winter might make you feel like in the French Alps, so give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!

You see, even if winter is cold and the rice terraces are not green and sometimes due to fog not even visible: A winter weekend in Sa Pa is well worth the journey!

Experience for those traveling to Yangon, Myanmar

After landing Yangon International Airport and then, taking a taxi to the city, you will quickly feel like that you are in the special place that is not familiar with others in the world. Let’s discover the city through traveling to Myanmar with all details about destinations and cuisine. Here we are:

Lack of the international brands but lots of parks, lakes, pagodas, busy streets and friendly people are what you will feel about Yangon. They are the typical features of Yangon which is the largest city and the ancient capital city of beautiful Myanmar

Famous tourist destinations

Shwedagon pagoda

Shwedagon pagoda is the most famous destination that any tourists will want to pay a visit to. Located on the hill, it is considered as the pride of Myanmar

Dagon, Yangon: ticket price: $5/foreign tourist

Thaketa crocodile farm

Thaketa crocodile farm is home to more than 200 kinds of crocodiles. You can feel scared when going through the bridge with underneath hundreds of crocodiles

Thaketa industrial zone, Thaketa town, Yangon: Ticket price: $1/person

Drug eradication museum

Built in late 1990s, the museum is the warning for local people about the consequences of drugs.

Kyunthaw and Hanthawaddy street corners, Kamayut town: Ticket price: $3/person

Shopping in Yangon

Bogyoke Aung San market

It is very famous market with all kinds of goods from garments, Burma traditional costume to souvenirs. You can find them in Bogyoke Aung San market

Bogyoke Aung San market, Kyauktada town, Yangon

Mingalar market

Located right on the Islam city, Mingalar is Myanmar’s traditional market

Address: Natmauk and Banyadala street corner, Mingalar Taung Nyunt town, Yangon

Yangon’s cuisine

Minn Lan Rakhine seafood restaurant

Minn Lan is the outdoor restaurant which serves the most delicious seafood dishes in Yangon. The specialty is Pandan shrimps and lobsters

Lobsters: 25.000kyats ($25)/kg

Fried seafood rice: 3.500kyats ($3.50)/dish

Minn Lan San Chaung, Baho and Kyi Tar street corner; +95 (0)1 510 285

Shwe Sa Bwe restaurant

Located on the north bank of Inya lake, Shwe Sa Bwe restaurant servers the customers Burma traditional dishes. Besides, it serves the dishes inspired from French cuisine

Set menu: 11.000kyats ($11)/2 persons; 14.000kyats ($14)/3 persons

Shwe Sa Bwe restaurant, 20 Malikha Street; +95 (0)1 661 983

Onyx restaurant

Opened since 2004, Onyx is the restaurant run by Korean boss serves the food of the West. On weekends, the restaurant is always occupied with customers

Beefsteak: 5.00 – 8.000kyats ($5-8)/portion

Wine: from 10.000kyats ($10)

Onyx restaurant, 135 Dhamazeddi Street; +95 (0)1 524 271

Yangon at night

If in the past, Yangon at night was pretty quiet and uninteresting, it is changing now. Bars, clubs mushroom everywhere and always serve tourists until midnight

There are many places you can visit when you stay overnight in Yangon such as 19th Street (on the middle of Anawratha Road and Mahabandoola Road), Latha Town, Yangon; Bar on Vista roof floor (Vista Bar, 168 West Shwegondine, Bahan, Yangon; +95 (0)1 559 481); 50th Street Bar (9/13, 50th Street, Botahtaung, Yangon; +95 (0)1 397 060)

Lit It Up With Festivals Of Thousand Lights In Myanmar

Myanmar or Burma has been long famous for it is “The Land Of Thousand Golden Pagodas” but along with that, there is also a variety of unique religious festivals held throughout the year in this beautiful Buddhism country. The most important of them all that have been strongly blending in the spiritual life of Burmese people are the light festivals, Tazaungdaing and Thadingyut Festivals Of Lights.

Tazaungdaing Lights Festival

Taking place during the 8th month of traditional Burmese calendar, from the middle of November, marking the end of rainy season in Myanmar, Tazaungdaing is believed to be the festival derived from the original Kattika where the names of the guardian planets in Hindu astrology are honored. To celebrate the festival, the residents decorate their houses and public buildings with colorful lights and candles. In the time of the festival, games, marching, firework performances, lanterns and hot-air balloon releases are also hosted and have become something that almost each and every single Burmese people always wait for.

Hand-painted balloons could cost up to thousands of dollars

The highlight of the festival is when several hot-air balloons made purely from bamboo and mulberry paper are ascended into the sky. Sparkling bright lights dotting the magnificent night sky will absolutely give you that impression of amazement. One interesting fact to know that most balloons are hand-painted by the locals of a single town, making the cost of building one could run up to thousands of dollars, yes, thousands of US dollars, no lie!

People parading to celebrate the festival

Participating in this event, you would also find the national inhabitants holding traditional lit lotus flowers parading the streets while few others will be playing various musical instruments and dancing in celebration of the final days of the festival. The unique and distinctive beauty of the festival together with the unforgettable experiences it shall bring upon you, I believe this could be that lifetime journey you should not miss coming to Myanmar.
Thadingyut Lights Festival

Burmese girls in Thadingyut Lights Festival

Being held on the full moon day of the Burmese Lunar month of Thadingyut, the festival is hosted in the honor of an ancient legend that when the Buddha was born, his Mother – Maya died and was taken to the Trayastrima Heaven. So to show his gratitude to his mother, Buddha preached Abhidhamma to his mother for the whole three Lenten months. Afterwards, when he was reborn in the mortal world, three precious stairways that made of gold, silver and ruby, respectively, were created to welcome him and his disciplines. Thus, the Thadingyut has been celebrated since to welcome the Buddha’s return by every Buddhism worshipers of Burma.

Fifteen balloons are ascended

During the time when the event takes place, people will decorate houses and public buildings with numerous colorful electric bulbs or candles to represent those three stairways. There are also many delightful activities happened on the streets as this is the occasion for people to share joys and to give their heartfelt thanks to their dear beloveds.

For more insight information about Myanmar Festival Travel, please contact Exotic Voyages.

What we need for traveling to Myanmar

Myanmar is still new to lots of tourists so in this article “what we need for traveling to Myanmar” will help tourists have a wonderful trip. Below is things tourists need when traveling to Myanmar

Visitor visa

As agreement signed on October, 2013 by Vietnam’s government and Myanmar’s, if Vietnamese tourists’ valid passport of over 6 months, they will be exempted to make Myanmar’s visa for 14 days. To other foreigners, they can pay money for visa at consulates and embassies if they are not the ones who are exempted for visa


Myanmar uses Kyats as their currency. Kyats has many money value such as 1000, 500, 200, 100, 90, 50, 45, 10, 5 and 1. In Myanmar, only big stores and commercial malls accept USD for payment. Therefore, tourists should exchange into Kyats to buy anything in Myanmar


Myanmar is the country of Buddha so there are many pagodas, towers and temples as tourist destinations. Tourists should prepare the polite clothes when visiting these destinations. Besides, the weather in Myanmar is pretty hot, especially in the central region so tourists should prepare some clothes with cool and sweat-absorbing fabric materials


A pair of sport shoes and a pair of sandals are enough for tourists to discover Myanmar. Sport shoes will be for visiting around the pagodas and temples on foot. Sandals will for walking in the evening or moving on a boat if tourists pay a visit to Inle lake

Common medicine

It is necessary to prepare some common kinds of medicine for common sickness such as flu, carsick and personal treatment when traveling to Myanmar. Tourists should not drink iced water in street stalls and eat seafood when it is too hot or in the places off the beach

Tourist map

Tourist map preparation will help tourists easily identify or find locations where they want to go or the route they need to move in a luxury Myanmar tour. Some famous tourists destinations in Myanmar attracting the great number of tourists are Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, Inle lake, Ubein bridge and Golden pagodas

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Tam Dao National Park – a natural and wild destional for tourist

Tam Dao National Park was established in 15/05/1996. It located on series Tam Dao Mountains. This mountain has the length of more than 80 kilometers, width from 10 to 15 kilometers. Tam Dao National Park located on three provinces Vinh Phuc (Tam Dao district), Thai Nguyen (Dai Tu district) and Tuyen Quang (Son Duong district), far away from Ha Noi about 75 kilometers.

Series Tam Dao Mountain has more than 20 peaks from 1,000 meters. The highest peak is a Tam Dao Nord 1,592 meters.

Purpose of Tam Dao National Park is to protect ecosystems on Tam Dao Mountain, gene of precious animals and natural scenes. Tam Dao Mountain creates two mountain sides: east and west. The rainfall each year is different, contribute to different climates.

Tam Dao National Park has an area of 34,995 ha. Besides, it has 1,282 kinds of plant belongs to 179 high level plant. It also has 163 kinds of animal in 5 classes: Mammalia, Birds, Reptiles, Amphibia, and Insects. This park has 239 kindss of birds. Many kinds have beautiful color hair such as “Vang Anh”, “Son tieu trang”, “Son tieu hong”, “Son Tieu Do”. Other precious animals are flying squirrel, tiger, bear, etc.

In Tam Dao National Park, there are many destinations suitable for tourists such as “Bac” waterfall, “Dai Tuyet” bridge, etc.

Tam Dao National Park is a precious asset of Vietnam Nation. It has many advantages for neighbors in its area. Besides, it also brings huge value of protecting environment, adjusting and providing water, serving science researching and tourism.