Monday, April 9, 2018

Foods that you should try once when traveling to Halong Bay, Quang Ninh province

Ha Long Bay, which is organized by UNESCO is one of 7 Wonders of the world. This is an interesting destination for domestic and foreign visitors. Each of the destination has its own specialties so when coming to Ha Long and visiting the natural wonders, you should try to enjoy the food of this sea area. Next, I will recommend you some typical food that you should try if you spend time in Ha Long Bay.

1. Cha Muc

Cha Muc is one of the famous specialties of Halong. When coming to Halong Bay, visitors should enjoy the taste of the delicious dish. It is not difficult to make this dish. But to make the delicious dish is extremely difficult. Squids must be chosen from fresh squids which are caught in the sea of ​​Ha Long. Squids are processed by the adroitness of the chefs at the restaurant in Halong Bay

2. Sa Sung

I do not know how to translate this food into English. But, you can know that it is a kind of fish and the same as a sea worm. The price is quite expensive. If your finance is limitative, you should consider to enjoy it. Although this is a luxury dish, its taste is quite worth spending money. Sa Sung can be processed into many dishes such as Sa Sung with fresh garlic, Sa Sung sweet and sour and fried Sa Sung. However, perhaps the most special dish is roasted dry Sa Sung.

3. Sam

Sam is one of the attractive seafood dishes of Halong Bay. Dishes are made from Sam - a crustacean. There are many kinds of delicious seafood dishes such as Sam soup, Sam salad, Sam fried sweet and sour, Sam fried with chili, Sam fried with eggs, steamed Sam and so on. The food which is made from Sam meat is very delicious. So, when you travel to Halong Bay, you should not miss this delicious seafood dishes.

4. Gat Gu Cake

This kind of cake sounds strange but this is a specialty of Quang Ninh province. Basically, the Gat Gu cake is almost like rolled sheets. But, it is different in processing. That is when the rice is husked, people will add a little cool cooked rice to make the cake be more delicious. When you dip a piece of cake into a special sauce and eat with stewed pork with caramel, you will find it better when enjoying this cake.

5. Tien Yen chicken

Tien Yen is a district of Quang Ninh province which is famous for chicken hill dish. When you come to Ha Long Bay, you should travel to Tien Yen. It is only 70 kilometers far from Ha Long Bay. This is called chicken hill because local chickens here are raised freely. Chickens usually move on the hill themselves to search for food. Thanks to moving and eating food from nature, the chicken here has a delicious taste.

6. Ca Say Tien Yen

Ca Say is a special dish in Tien Yen, Quang Ninh beside chicken hill and Gat Gu cake. It is from a duck crossed breeds with a goose. The combination of the two animals made this dish be worth enjoying only in Tien Yen. Ca Say is particularly delicious when served with its own unique sauce. The sauce must have the aroma of Cai Rong fish sauce, Van Yen, Cat Hai, the sweet taste of Quang Tay and a bit spicy of Tien Yen ginger. Tourists who enjoy this food will have a wonderful experience.

7. Nem Chua, Nem Chao Quang Yen

Nem Chua, Nem Chao are made from normal ingredients. To make Nem be more delicious, the pork must be small and white. Thinh ( a kind of yellow flour) is made of beans, roasted rice, and roasted peanuts. All are husked and mixed together to have the best taste. As you see, to make good food, people should be very careful in the processing steps.

8. Tu Hai

Tu Hai has another call is elephant's trunk snail is a specialty of Van Don island district. Tu Hai can be made into a variety of dishes such as steamed, roasted, cooked, Tu Hai gruel, or baked. If you want to enjoy the cozy atmosphere with family or friends, eating a bowl of Tu Hai gruel and chatting together will make the atmosphere warmer.

9. Hoanh Bo wine

Hoanh Bo wine is a specialty drink in Ha Long. The wine is made from local specialty sticky rice. People process this wine carefully. Therefore, this wine has the taste of sour and a bit sweet. Besides, Hoanh Bo wine is known as a soft drink and also has an effect on stimulating digestion.

10. Food from snails

When traveling in Halong Bay, you should try the dishes made from snails in this place, especially the snails in Bai Chay and Cao Xanh. Those are the places which attract tourists' attention with the dishes made from snails. Their smell is very fragrant and its taste is extremely attractive.

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